Actual Handle Time (AHT) API - BETA

Historical API

    The Actual Handle Time metric tracks events within the Agent Workspace. The metric is based on a complex algorithm that looks at several factors to give the most accurate view of handle time effort at an individual segment level. In essence, it tracks time whenever an agent has a conversation selected on the screen that is awaiting their response.

    The API provides up to 1 month of data (1 week in a single request). 100% of the data is available up to 24 hours from the moment it was stored.

    Use cases

    The new AHT API provides a historical data solution to provide brands with the actual handle time metric. The information from this API can be used for: 

    • Tracking Contact Center teams and partner performance to understand efficiency and work completed, negotiate contracts, and gain insights at the agent activity level.
    • Resource planning and staffing based on historical data, historical agent adherence, and together with "away" reason values provide actual in-office shrinkage for more accurate planning.
    • Identify overstaffing/understaffing.
    • Identify agent or team behavioral issues impacting efficiencies and/or customer satisfaction.

    How it works

    Actual handle time counts the time an agent has a conversation selected within the enhanced agent workspace where it is awaiting an agent response or time between consecutive agent messages where there was no consumer message. In this way, it captures ‘in-focus’ time, as it is sometimes known in other CRM software programs, whilst not accruing ‘dead time’ where a conversation is selected on the screen but no response from an agent is required.  

    AHT will provide a handling time per segment. Using a combination of a segment, conversation, agent, and skill IDs,  brands will be able to retrieve granular performance level data on the effort required to handle particular types of interactions, or the efficiency of particular agents and agent groups.

    At this moment there is no special handling for “Away” states, but it will be incorporated in the future. 

    The calculation start and end points are:

    Conversations statusActionCount - StartCount - end
    “Awaiting agent response”The agent enters a conversation The agent entered the conversations
    • Agent’s last message (i.e. “awaiting consumer” status)
    • Agent logout
    • The agent enters another conversation
    • The agent closes or transfers the conversation
    “Awaiting agent response”The agent enters a conversation and sends a messageThe moment the agent entered the conversation
    • Agent’s last message (i.e. “awaiting consumer” status)
    • Agent logout
    • The agent enters another conversation
    • The agent closes or transfer the conversation

    AHT - How does it calculate


    A few things you'll need to get started with this API:

    1. Retrieve your domain. Use the LivePerson Domain API to retrieve this information by providing the following service name:
      • agentActivityDomain
    2. This API requires authorization using an API key methodology.
      • Follow these instructions, to create and use an API key.
      • To access this API, the API key must have the appropriate permission for the method. See the documentation page for the method for more details.
    3. Here are the API terms of use.
    4. When using this API, it is recommended that you implement our Retry Policy
    5. Follow the information in the developer portal.

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