Account to Account Transfer / Manual Rollover


    The Inter-Account Conversation Transfer feature, a game-changing update designed to elevate your brand interactions. This release introduces various capabilities to enhance customer experiences and optimize agent workflows across your brand accounts.

    "Account-to-Account Transfer" serves as the mechanism through which information, assets, or interactions are seamlessly transitioned from one account to another. The Account-to-Account Transfer process is fundamental in ensuring service continuity, preserving data integrity, and enhancing the overall customer experience. This comprehensive documentation will describe the key steps and strategies for executing successful transfers between accounts, providing you with the knowledge to navigate this crucial aspect of business operations.


    Cross-Account Conversation Transfer: 

    Agents and bots can effortlessly transfer messaging conversations between brand accounts across all supported channels (web, abc, gbm, sms, etc.). Maintain a consistent customer experience while utilizing the full scope of LivePerson's messaging channels. 

    Agent Notes and Warm Transfers: 

    Agents can include agent notes and warm transfer messages when passing conversations to other agents or skills. This ensures smooth knowledge transfer and context preservation. 

    Smart Transfer Timing: 

    Transfers can only occur to destination skills during their working hours. A fallback option is available if the destination agents become offline or unavailable, ensuring uninterrupted customer support. 

    Two-Way Transfer Capability: 

    Agents can seamlessly transfer conversations back to the originating agent or skill from the sending account. This bi-directional transfer flexibility facilitates efficient resolution and support.


    The Manual Rollover for messaging requires backend enablement. Please get in touch with your LivePerson account team for more information.

    User Walk Through

    Step 1: Identify Transfer Opportunity

    While conversing with a customer, as an agent, you might realize that the discussion belongs to another account of the same brand. This is the perfect opportunity to provide seamless support by transferring the conversation to the appropriate skill in the other account.

    Step 2: Initiate Transfer

    1. Look for the "Transfer Conversation" Call-to-Action (CTA) within the conversation interface.

    2. Click the "Transfer Conversation" button to begin the transfer process.

    Step 3: Choose the Rollover Option

    1. After clicking "Transfer Conversation," a new window will appear, showing transfer options.

    2. Click "Rollover" to transfer the conversation to a skill in the other account.

    3. Note: You can only transfer to skills configured while enabling manual rollover.

    Step 4: Select Skill and Account

    1. Choose the appropriate skill from the dropdown menu. This is the skill within the other brand's account where you want to transfer the conversation.

    2. Confirm that you have selected the correct skill and account.


    Account Rollover

    Step 5: Confirm and Execute Transfer

    1. Double-check the transfer details, including the chosen skill and account.

    2. If everything is accurate, Click "Transfer" to initiate the transfer.

    Step 6: Conversation Successfully Transferred

    The customer will now seamlessly connect to the new skill and brand account.

    Step 7: Rollover and Rollback Options in the New Account

    1. In the new account where the conversation has been transferred, agents can roll over the conversation to another account if necessary.

    2. Similarly, they can roll back the conversation to the original account if the situation requires it.

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