November 2021

See the new features and capabilities of November, including Structured Content datepicker and appointment list, Next Best Conversation™ with Adobe, Intent Manager for Marketplace and a new agent app update. 

Check out our overview of all the new features and capabilities that came out this November and in the weeks ahead:

Structured Content DatePicker and AppointmentList (Self-Service)

LivePerson’s new Structured Content DatePicker and AppointmentList allows your consumers to select dates and appointments slots. Simply schedule Structured Content’s DatePicker and AppointmentList for Web and In-app Messaging to serve date and appointment time selections to consumers in an embedded and seamless scheduling experience. Supported in automations via Universal Tile.

  • DataPicker
    • Single and Date Range selections
    • Min/Max Dates to ensure consumers make realistic selections (i.e., future dates for travel, past dates for reports)
  • Appointment List:
    • Consumers can navigate and select from single time slots to multiple time slots per day
    • Native UI on in-app messaging

Get more information DatePicker and AppointmentList in our Developer Center.

Next Best Conversation™ with Adobe

Set rules based on Adobe events to deliver personalized engagements using Next Best Conversation™ with Adobe.

Triggered by real-time Adobe Target and/or Analytics events during the consumer’s journey on the webpage, you can easily configure multiple, personalized engagement text and optional first messages with quick replies in one or many rule-sets - completely self-service. The more relevant text increases click-rates and number of initiated conversations.

You can also provide dynamic routing based on the rule-set triggered so that the consumer is connected to the most relevant agent/bot


Enablement: please contact your LivePerson Account Representative

Intent Manager for Marketplace

Marketplace providers can now leverage the power of Intent Manager for Marketplace. Providers can visualize and analyze aggregated performance data by intent to uncover marketplace trends and opportunities for operational improvement - essentially creating a centralized NLU Domains for their own Marketplace.


Agent App 2.7.8

The Agent App this month version 2.7.8 includes a new Manager Workspace tab that gives both agents and agent managers great functionality - similar to the rich desktop version.


The Manager Workspace Queue Summary is the first feature implemented in the Manager Workspace tab this month, with full functionality of Manager Workspace coming in 2022, including features like Agent Status, Conversation List, and more.

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