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    LivePerson Connector for Salesforce UI

    Release DateVersion Prod PackageSandbox PackageDetails
    May, 20245.326Feature Release Feature Release Release Notes

    Advanced Workflow - Open CRMURL and OpenCRMflow support 
    Apr, 20245.325Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixMatched record state upon agent transfers

    SLA timer correction upon transfer to another agent
    Apr, 20245.324Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fix Conversation's matched record state is now retained when its transferred to agents

    Predefined content are now scrollable

    Advanced Workflow triggers now run after relateInteractionFromEngagementAttr even with unmatched contacts/leads/accounts
    Mar, 20245.323Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixBlank messages being displayed upon accepting the conversation

    Delays when accessing a proactive message

    Integration User: Ability to login with credentials when allow SSO is enabled
    Feb, 20245.322Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixAllow agents to use rich formats for text.

    Ability to create the case/opportunity with the lightening component.
    Jan, 20245.321Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixReporting - agent stats in Analytics Builder dashboard
    Jan, 20245.320Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fix

    All the categories under Predefined content were being displayed vs the specific ones associated with the skill


    • For conversations initiated from Roll Over account, Skills/ Agents were not listed for transferring a conversation while clicking on Transfer conversation.
    • Available predefined content was not clickable / usable for rollover
    Dec, 20235.318Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fix
    • The age field is listed as [object Object] in Personal Info
    • Predefined content unable to load the agent name in predefined content ProActive - Closed Proactive conversation doesnt have sender info - inconsistent
    • Agent analytics - Agent Login Analytics in Analytics Builder or Data Transporter
    • Advanced Workflow: resource is not opened in Salesforce after accepting the conversation
    • Predefined contents are not text wrapped in agent console.
    • Disabled predefined content   shown in agent messaging console
    Dec, 20235.317Salesforce hot fix Salesforce hot fix Lag in UI for matching records
    Nov, 20235.315Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixTranscript missing for Previous Conversations consumer had with other Agents  
    Nov, 20235.314Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixAgent session, honor the Conversational Cloud UI app timeout value
    Nov, 20235.313Salesforce hot fixSalesforce hot fixCannot read properties of "undefined" in note dispositions
    Nov, 20235.312Salesforce secure forms and structured contentSalesforce secure forms and structured contentSecure Forms & Viewing Structured Content  
    Oct 20235.311Salesforce Connector Aura Component Salesforce Connector Aura Component LivePerson can now be decoupled from the Salesforce Open CTI call center and can be installed as a lightening component. 
    Sep 20235.310Salesforce Connector GDPR SupportSalesforce Connector GDPR SupportGDPR EU user experience 
    Aug 20235.39Salesforce Password Reset supportSalesforce Password Reset supportPrompt the user when the password is expired
    July 20235.38Salesforce Connector minor fixesSalesforce Connector minor fixesCertain SDE's were not getting populated as expected. This has been corrected in this version. This also allows the ability to save dispositions with custom modules for rollover conversations.
    June 20235.37Salesforce Connector Rollover Conversation supportSalesforce Connector Rollover Conversation supportAccepting and handling rollover conversations is now available in this package. Please note this does not rollback support.
    June 20235.36Salesforce Connector Open Related Resource supportSalesforce Connector Open Related Resource supportAbility to open a related resource such as a case or an opportunity that has been passed in the SDE of the Conversation. 
    May 20235.35Salesforce Connector with SSOSalesforce Connector with SSONow introducing SSO as part of this package. This also includes all the features from the Salesforce Connector Deep rooted integration.
    April 20235.34Salesforce Connector Deep rooted integrationSalesforce Connector Deep rooted integrationThis includes deep bi-directional data integration between Salesforce and LivePerson Platform and features such as Basic Matching, Activity logging for interactions, Auto-pop of matched records, Dispositions, Relating Cases/Opportunities, Notes and Follow up tasks and Data Memorialization.  
    May 20225.33Salesforce Connector EA Version Salesforce Connector EA Version This includes LivePerson Agent Workspace functionality whereby agents can login to Salesforce and directly engage with customers easily managing tasks like: accept incoming conversations across different messaging channels, seamlessly resolve customer issues & escalate/transfer conversations to other human/bot agents.

    LivePerson Conversation object 

    Release DateVersionProd PackageSandbox PackageDetails
    May 2023
    Conversation Transcript Object Conversation Transcript Object This includes the new AI Summary field per the latest release 
    April 2023
    Conversation Transcript ObjectConversation Transcript ObjectThis includes the LivePerson Conversation object which includes fields such as Conversation start time, end time, CSAT, LivePerson skill and other meta data around the Conversation along with the Conversation transcript. This is required for the Data Memorialization feature.

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