Week of October 25th

New updates: Automated Conversation Summary, Conversation Assist & Proactive Messaging

Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication. Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Automated Conversation Summary


Unified in-transcript experience for the automated summaries

The current solution did not support in transcript automated summaries for the transfer events. With the introduction of the new architecture, we'll have the capability to incorporate summaries as part of a conversation message rather than just agent notes. This enhancement would enable agents to access and review these summaries within the transcript area during both transfer and close events. 

It's important to note that these messages will be designated as private and won't be visible to consumers.


Automated Summaries in Transcript


Automated Summaries in Transcript


Trigger conversation summarization before PCS

As an integral component of the new implementation, we've improved the criteria for generating summaries. Moving forward, conversations involving PCS will receive summaries once the conversation concludes, just before PCS becomes active.

Removed Conversation Size Configurations

We will discontinue support for the Minimum and Maximum Conversation Size settings (autosummary.minConvSize and autosummary.maxConvSize). Instead, any conversation with a minimum of 5 messages will receive a summary during transfer and close events. Additionally, we have established a limit, and conversations containing more than 10,000 messages will not be summarized.

Proactive Messaging


Proactive Messaging - Skills Grouping in Analytics Dashboard


Skills Group Filtering in Analytics Dashboard: Campaign managers and Admins can now effortlessly filter out data using previously created skills groups, streamlining their data visualization process.

Comprehensive Skills Group Management: Campaign managers and Admins can now:

1. Create skill groups:


Create a skill group


Define the name of the skill group

2. Edit existing skill groups:


Skill Group Editing

3. Select and Delete skill groups as required:


Select and Delete skill groups as required


  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of selecting up to 100 skills manually. Now, Campaign Managers and Admins can utilize skill groups to quickly narrow down results and gain insights.

Caveats/ Limitations:

  • Group Limitation: By default, users can create up to 30 skills groups. If you need more, don't hesitate to reach out to LP team. Adjustments will be done on demand.
  • Skills per Group Limitation: Each skill group can contain up to 500 skills by default. If you need more, don't hesitate to reach out to LP team. Adjustments will be done on demand.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the LivePerson WhatsApp team at whatsapp-lp@liveperson.com.

Conversation Assist


Titles of enriched answers have changed

We’ve made a few small tweaks to the titles of enriched answers that are offered to agents inline in conversations.

When a match to a knowledge base article is found, the title of the enriched answer is now a truncated version of the first sentence in the answer.


And, if you’ve configured your solution to query the LLM for a response even when a matched article isn’t found (i.e., passing to the LLM just the conversation context and prompt to get a response), we’ve changed the title of this response too. It’s now, “No answer found; AI-generated reply.”