Week of June 8

Support for APIs, Agent Workspace, Proactive Messaging and more

Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication. Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Messaging Interactions API


Customer name now updating  

After filtering, the customer name for some conversations was shown as “visitor”. Only after clicking on the conversation, the customer name was displayed. This issue has been resolved. 

Viber Connector


Video Sharing

Brands will be able to receive video files from consumers on the Viber Messaging Channel. Consumers can record a video or select an existing video and share it with a brand. Agents can download the video from the agent workspace. Soon, agents can watch the video right inside the transcript in the agent workspace. 

Limitations: The maximum file size is 26MB

Agent Activity API (Historical)


Agent Activity - Update urls response from http to https

Fixed pagination urls in the API response. The URLs were updated from http to https. 

Agent Workspace


[Enhanced Agent Workspace] Enabling usage of video player across all different messaging channels 

Agents are now able to use a video player within the Agent Workspace to play videos sourced from their conversations across the different messaging channels. The video player would display once a video file is shared.

The supported channels are ABC, Viber, Whatsapp, and Line.


[Enhanced Agent Workspace]  Blank transcripts no longer displayed when there is no Campaign Name and Engagement Name

The relevant transcripts are fully shown in the Conversation Window.

[Enhanced Agent Workspace] The following A11Y fixes were added:

    • The Next and Previous month elements of the All Connections table Filter now have the relevant values set.
    • The days of the month elements of the All Connections table Filter now have the relevant values set.

Actual Handle Time (AHT) API


Actual Handle Time - Update urls response from http to https

Fixed pagination urls in the API response. The URLs were updated from http to https.

Google Business Messages (GBM) Connector


Disabling the default Google Survey 

Google shows a dedicated post conversation survey to consumers that message a brand on Google Business Messages. The survey is triggered 12 hours after a conversation ends, but to facilitate a better customer experience the LivePerson connector triggers the Google PCS experience immediately after an agent closes a conversation. 

  • For conversations that are started on the URL entrypoint, the survey is optional
  • With this enhancement, the Connector will no longer trigger the Google survey for conversations that were started on this entrypoint
  • This enhancement requires backend enablement by LivePerson

Net Handle Time (NHT) API


Support Epoch Time format in the request 

New ability to query the API using Epoch time format in addition to the human readable time. 

Proactive Messaging


New analytics dashboard for Proactive web tool

Now, brands can have a clear view of the full funnel for the Proactive messages starting with messages that were eligible, sent, delivered, read, conversations started and conversations closed.


Social Messaging


Height of input area is no longer affected by agent input when toggling Twitter Public - Direct Messages toggle button

The height of the agent input area increased whenever the Public - Direct Messages toggle button was clicked. Now that this issue has been resolved, this button will not affect the agent's input.


Message previews show broken images when images are unavailable

Message previews showed broken images when the images from the original post were unavailable. Now that this issue has been resolved, this component will not show the image if it's not available.

Consumer Web Messaging


  • Provide Ability to Change Authentication Error Messages - ability to present custom login error messages to users on authentication depending on scenarios and step up authentication. 
  • Provide Ability to Set Autocomplete to “none” -  ability to set a value and determine if autocomplete should be enabled or disabled vs having to use custom solutions such as taglets. There are now two settings, “off” and “on”. If “off” is selected, the user must enter a value into this field for every use, the browser will not not automatically complete the entry. If “on” is enabled the browser can automatically complete the value based on values that the user has entered during previous uses.
  • Provide Ability to Update the Logged-in Session Expiry Error - this one seems to be the same as first item above, or at least covered in that enhancement


  • Fixed default country to match for Web2SMS
  • Fixed the button border color in rich content
  • Establish UMS connection post welcome message is displayed: No Convos OPEN
  • Fixed messages not being shown in the right order based on SequenceNumber
  • Fixed date symbol being displayed incorrectly for visitors in Japanese
  • Fixed unauthenticated conversation window ability to be closed when using step-up authentication.
  • Updated file sharing restriction on the consumer web messaging window that did not prevent file/sharing.
  • Resolved error screen after logout of stepped-up conversation
  • Resolved issue with the minimize button not receiving keyboard focus
  • Added tab focus for confirmation dialog on "end conversation"
  • Fixed tabbing for delivered checkmarks/timestamps
  • Updated system message links using white outline