WhatsApp is popular in 104 countries around the world, making it an excellent channel for brands to adopt. The WhatsApp Business connector allows brands to communicate with consumers using their favorite messaging channel. With LivePerson, brands have access to the premiere enterprise messaging platform for effectively managing WhatsApp conversations at scale.

Please note: The WhatsApp Business connector to LiveEngage is being rolled out in a limited beta program! Selective brands that have been approved by WhatsApp and signed a beta agreement can participate. Brands that are interested in participating should contact their LivePerson account team for more information.

Why use WhatsApp to connect with your consumers?

  • Consumer-preferred channel — With 1.3 billion users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular consumer-to-consumer messaging app in the world.
  • Rich messaging capabilities — Rich messaging capabilities like consumer-to-agent audio and image sharing, rich links, automatic messages, and read receipts provide an enhanced messaging experience with more flexibility.
  • Verified business accounts — A business profile that’s been verified by WhatsApp receives a green check mark and verified brand name will also appear in the chat list, contact view and chat screens.
  • Free and easy to use — WhatsApp is free to use and works on Wi-Fi or cellular data for added accessibility.
  • Enhanced security — End-to-end encryption provides an additional layer of security, giving consumers added peace of mind.

How conversations start

IVR deflection:

Brands can deflect consumers who are eligible to message via WhatsApp from voice call to WhatsApp Business Messaging using IVR deflection. Proactive notifications from IVR systems allow brands to share an alert with the consumer on WhatsApp messenger, guiding them to continue the conversation over WhatsApp. Brands must send invitations as a WhatsApp Message Template.

Business Activity Alerts:

Brands can integrate their business systems (CRM, marketing automation, etc.) and share notifications of real-time business actions with consumers on WhatsApp. Brands must send these notifications as a WhatsApp Message Template

For example:

  • Order shipment or confirmation
  • Service appointment
  • Fraudulent activity

Consumer-driven conversations:

By messaging an advertised WhatsApp phone number or tapping on the brand’s “click-to-chat” button, the consumer can initiated a conversation with the brand.