The LivePerson App Messaging SDK allows brands to build a full-scale consumer messaging experience within their app. The SDK is customizable, with all the capabilities your consumers expect from a messaging app.

By facilitating rich conversations with beyond-text capabilities, our SDK enables you to enhance the App Messaging experience for your consumers with a full range of features.

Mobile messaging basics

Allow consumers to create a continuous connection with your brand through a familiar messaging interface.

  • When a consumer starts a new conversation, or a new customer visits the site, brands can send the first message with a list of quick replies of common intents. You can configure the Welcome message as a simple text message with or without quick replies.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Photo-sharing allows consumers to share images with their agent, so they can better describe an item, pinpoint a problem or specify a product or service.
  • Add an in-conversation shortcut to skip straight to new messages and save consumers time while scrolling within a conversation. The shortcut includes a badge displaying the number of unread messages, a message preview. A divider line will distinguish between read and unread messages.
  • Deliver a personal touch by displaying the send icon used by the consumer’s operating system (such as the paper plane or arrow) on your message ‘send’ button and customize it to match your brand colors.
  • Show previews of URLs shared by the agent or consumer in the consumer’s conversation thread to give them a better understanding of your product or service.
  • Configure the removal of the resolved divider in a conversation thread to create the feel of one ongoing, undisrupted conversation.
  • Use the callback provided by the Conversational Cloud whenever a consumer clicks on an agent picture to gain greater insight into consumer activity. You can also trigger additional information, such as the agent’s profile or a menu bar, to open in response to the consumer’s click.
  • Configure your own regular expressions that will create hyperlinks within the conversation to other channels (URLs, emails and phone numbers), directing consumers to engage with your brand on more levels.
  • Make the conversation between agent and consumer more personal by sending emojis.
  • Attract consumers to your app by using push notifications to indicate when messages are waiting in-app.
  • Give consumers more control over the conversation with an action menu.

Managing consumer expectations

Clearly communicated system messages regarding response time create a better service.

  • Prevent frustration by providing automatic immediate notice to consumers of the expected reply time.
  • Allow them to request faster response times by marking messages as urgent.
  • Keep consumers informed at all times with a longer response time calculated for offline hours.
  • Display read notifications, message timestamps and ‘agent is typing’ status to ensure consumers are always aware of agent activity during a conversation

Using Rich Conversations

Rich Conversations will open more uses cases to serve over messaging, save time and offer a much stronger customer experience.

For App Messaging, you can offer the following structured content items:

  • Cards (use to display links with an image such as 'learn more about our new programs)
  • Carousels (use to display product catalogue or several options)
  • Lists (use to display several linked options)
  • Time picker (schedule appointments)
  • Audio messages (from consumer to agent)
  • Payments (receive payments directly within the messaging window)