Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

With multi-factor authentication, brands can protect their account by asking agents and LivePerson users to provide additional proof of their identity. Multi-factor authentication enhances security by asking each user for something only they know and something only they have (for example, the username and password as something they know and a code from their mobile phone as something they have).

This advanced feature complies with the Time-based One-time password algorithm (TOTP), making sure your login service is up to the most strict security protocols in the industry.

For more information on configuring and using MFA, please see the user manual. For assistance with enabling MFA, please contact your account team or LivePerson support.

Mutual Transit Layer Security (mTLS)

When authenticating consumers in chat and messaging flows, LivePerson provides brands with the ability to use the mTLS protocol. This protocol provides an added layer of identity authorization by using certificates for both the server and the consumer. mTLS can also be used when utilizing LivePerson Webhooks, allowing for more secure custom connectors and integrations with LivePerson.

For more information on mTLS, please see our Developer Center.