Watch this short video to see an overview of all the top features that came out this Summer, and catch a preview of new features coming to LivePerson in the weeks ahead.

Conversational Marketplaces

LivePerson’s Conversational Marketplaces transform the way online marketplaces, their customers, and consumers engage in sales and customer care journeys. The Marketplace Solution allows brands to use LivePerson’s Conversational Commerce tools to create seamless conversational experiences between consumers and their customers - independent businesses, subsidiary companies, and franchise networks - on their digital storefronts.

With LivePerson’s Conversational Marketplaces, brand sites have the ability to directly message with their consumers, empowering them to provide higher customer satisfaction, increase lifetime value, generate leads, and drive revenue.

  • Personalize your Marketplace for consumers’ preferences- Businesses on your Conversational Marketplace can quickly answer questions and transact with consumers as they research products and services — on your brand’s site, app or in familiar channels like: Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, text messaging, and more.

  • Drive more leads and sales with direct messaging Direct communication with businesses makes it easy for their consumers to finalize decisions, so brands can deliver more high-intent leads and sales attribution.

  • Boost conversions with in-channel integrations Allow consumers to make appointments or complete transactions in these secure conversations — no channel switch required. Attribute that revenue to help prove your brand’s platform’s value.

  • Expand discovery and strengthen retention Increase stickiness by activating conversational entry points beyond your brand’s site for merchants. All conversions will ultimately be attributed to your brand as the source of the conversation.

Marketplace Capabilities:

  • Account Provisioning APIs - get SMBs up and running quickly

  • Conversational AI & Routing - scale bots to manage conversations for 1,000s of SMBs from a Marketplace account, with escalations to SMB / Gainshare

  • Managed Service/Gainshare Agent & Manager Workspaces - manage convos on behalf of SMBs & Marketplaces with reporting

Channels Available for Marketplaces

  • Web Messaging
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Twilio SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Business Messaging (coming soon)

Conversation Rollover Account

Conversation Rollover allows conversations to be handled by a different account than they are owned by. A Rollover account can be configured to handle conversations on behalf of the entire Marketplace provider in a single account, which is especially helpful for scaling the automation strategy of the Marketplace. A single bot can be enabled to handle the conversation volume across all brands with an escalation back to the built-in brand account as needed.

Maven Pay - Early Access

Integrate payments directly into a conversation with Maven Pay, and collect payment via Maven Pay within the Messaging Window, greatly increasing retention and revenue with new sales use cases.

Channels Available for Maven Pay Stripe integration Early Access:

  • SMS
  • Web Messaging
  • Apple Business Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Business Messaging
  • Facebook Messenger (EA)

Maven Pay Capabilities:

Integrated credit card and address storage into Maven Messenger Consumer Profile Proactive Bill Pay - automate bill pay and bill collection use cases through combination of Maven Pay, Proactive Messaging and iHub - Coming soon New plug and play options include new payment gateways and Workato (iHub) - Coming soon