Watch this short video to see an overview of all the top features that came out this September, and catch a preview of new features coming to LivePerson in the weeks ahead:


This month, LivePerson is excited to introduce KnowledgeAI, our Conversational AI application that unifies your brand’s content by transforming it’s resources into messaging-ready answers to power conversations with agents and bots.

Leverage content from a variety of sources (CMS, Google Sheets, and CSVs) to equip agents and bots with time-saving, AI-powered answers to seamlessly respond to consumer questions. KnowledgeAI can automate answers across channels using LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, giving brands the ability to:

  • Power bot-to-consumer conversations
  • Recommend knowledge answers to agents, increasing their efficiency and availability.

Simply assign the appropriate human agent skills to the knowledge bases in Conversation Assist, and turn on the recommendations setting. If the conversation’s skill is a match to the knowledge base, recommendations from the knowledge base will be served when appropriate.

Agent App

The past two quarters, our Agent App received a series of rich updates with new features and functionalities that include:

  • Additional filters
  • Click to open Hyperlinks / Emails
  • ‘Authenticated conversation’ check marks
  • Custom away states
  • Send files
  • Change agent pictures (managers)
  • ‘First-time consumer’ indicator
  • Warning for unsent / failed messages
  • Video for WhatsApp / Twitter / SMS

Social Connector support

  • Social Widget
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Public / Private switch
  • Twitter character count
  • Open in native Twitter app link
  • Video supported


  • Consumer Info Widget
  • Summary Widget
  • Social Widget

##Maven Pay updates - now in Early Access

Exciting new Maven Pay updates include:

  • Proactive Conversational Bill Pay: Automate bill pay and collection use cases through a combination of Maven Pay, Proactive Messaging and iHub.
  • New plug and play options: Additional payment gateways and Workato (iHub)
  • Integration Payments into Maven Messenger: Brands using Messenger can complete Maven Pay requests in the Maven for Consumer mobile app
  • New Payment Form UI

MACS available in North American for all English bots

LivePerson’s Meaningful Automated Conversation Score, or MACS, a new way to measure the quality of bot conversations, is available in English to all customers in NA region. Contact your LivePerson account repreentative to enables MACS outside of the NA region.

WCAG 2.1 AA certification

Our Conversational Cloud officially holds a WCAG 2.1 AA certification for Web Messaging, ensuring our solution is accessible to everyone. Read more about our accessibility here.