Watch this short video to see an overview of all the new features and capabilities that came out this October and in the weeks ahead.

Integration Hub (iHub)

LivePerson’s Integration Hub gives brands one central hub for all integration setup and configurations Easily integrate your brand’s backend, 3rd-party or partner systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, Adobe with LivePerson.

Use Analytics, and four integration components:

  • API integration
  • LivePerson Workflows
  • Partner Integrations
  • Agent Widget Marketplace

Dedicated integration templates for popular use cases in commerce, sales & marketing allow brands to speed up delivery time. Leverage the ability to re-use integrations across multiple internal products and services. Similarly, Integration Hub includes access to more than a thousand out-of-the-box connectors.

Medallia Post Conversational Survey (iHub)

All Medallia CX platform users can now leverage our Medallia Post Conversational Survey to trigger a Medallia survey after a LivePerson Conversation, within the same channel the customer is interacting on. Drive up response rates and create rules in Medallia to ensure the same customer is not surveyed more than once within a given time span.

Track conversions in 3rd-party channels for better attribution. When the agent directs consumers to a branded website, Sales Attribution from shared links is able to attribute cross-session sales that occur after the initial conversation

Dynamic Routing

Add an interaction to any bot that needs Dynamic Routing within its flow. Simply drop the interaction in the spot where Dynamic Routing should occur for simple setup or use Dynamic Routing bot template to deploy Dynamic Routing to any bot with none-to-minimal coding.

Customize complex routing policies that require evaluations or time and date based criteria using Expression editor to route on specific dates/ time ranges / days of the weeks. You'll gain the ability to route conversations based on the consumer’s intent, channel, and more, to quickly take care of any failures. All complex routing has step-by-step guides to build, deploy, test and debug it’s experience.

Agent App

The past two quarters, our Agent App received a series of rich updates with new features and functionalities that include:

  • Click-to-open hyperlinks within messages
  • Agent survey filters
  • Failure to deliver indicator when messages fail to be sent
  • Social connector widget supports Facebook
  • Japanese language support

Coming soon:

  • Click-to-call phone numbers within messages
  • Send files from predefined content
  • View past Agent Surveys