Here is a round-up of the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks - all designed to help you make even more meaningful connections. Please see release notes section for exact release dates of all the features below.


LivePerson already has built-in integration to all the popular messaging channels such as Whatsapp and SMS. In the coming weeks, we’re introducing two new, major channels: email and social media.

Social Connect

Social Connect will enable you to channel private and public messages from Twitter and Facebook directly into LiveEngage - allowing you to manage these conversations alongside all other channels. Any brand with a social media presence can use SocialConnect, saving the additional cost of licensing another social monitoring software.

Email Connect

EmailConnect is our second new channel that will also be available in the coming weeks to enable you to receive and respond to emails alongside other messaging channels - all while using the powerful tools of LiveEngage. Email Connect is a Self serve onboarding experience and all you need to do is configure an email address. For more information please see the Knowledge Center.

Store and Entry Point information - Google My Business

The Google my Business connector has been enhanced to include the store information (ID, name and address) as well as the consumer entry point, to enhance consumer experience with more accurate routing.

The following information will be added to the GMB connector:

  • Store Place ID - will be mapped to Company branch, concatenated to the business id..
  • Store Name - will be mapped to storeNumber (under Customer Info)
  • Store Address - will be mapped to storeZipCode (under Customer Info)
  • EntryPoint - will be mapped to Market Source SDEs: channel = 1-Search, affiliate = the EntryPoint value

The information will be available to the agents and bots, as well as for routing and reporting purposes.

WhatsApp enhancements

Our whatsApp connected has been enhanced to allow for a better consumer experience with location share to agents directly from the app, and customized system notification for unsupported file and message types. Customers will also be able to share GIfs with agents to further personalize the customer experience.

Consumer Experience

Engagement window updates

Brands using both chat and messaging can set the engagement window to the new floating style- which also supports emojis. For those using messaging, the menu has a new look & feel and is now located at the top of the window.

AI, Bots and Automation


LiveIntent will provide real-time intent detection that helps you quickly and automatically identify high-impact intents to make more data-driven decisions.

The benefits of LiveIntent are as follows:

  • Real-time analytics: Make smart business decisions backed by data and understand valuable consumer intents.
  • Optimize operations intent by intent: You can optimize operational processes and respond to customers with a strategic approach in real- time.
  • Ease of use: LiveIntent has full integration with Maven AI and Conversation Builder that includes all the tools you need to create personalized customer journeys.
  • Machine learning: Be the first to harness the power of machine learning and start leading an intent-driven business to transform your brand.
  • Data-driven automations: Dynamically route your consumers to the right bot or human agent and refine dialogue flows with proven conversations to optimize bots.

Intent starter packs will be introduced for Financial Services, Telco, and E-commerce brands to help you get up and running quickly while allowing you to add your brand-specific training data.

For more information on LiveIntent please click here.

Conversation Builder Self Service Enhancements

LivePerson consumers access Conversation Builder using LiveEngage’s SSO. Yet, customers still have to manually enter account information and manually fetch (bot) user IDs, to create agent connector. This gives a disjointed user experience. The Self Service enhancements have streamlined the process to automatically fetch account information, so bot developers can deploy bots faster.

Once the agent connector is deployed, users can debug the connectors quickly, without having to manually fetch and enter user IDs.

Conversation Builder - Enhanced LivePerson NLU

We are introducing a scalable, improved Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine with better accuracy for intent detection allows you to take big steps towards becoming truly intent driven businesses.

Third party bot connectors

You can connect Third Party Bots by the supported vendors directly into LiveEngage. In minutes, bots can be connected as agents and be routed conversations for bot chat or messaging channels. The Third Party Bot connector can be found under the Conversational AI space.

You can connect bots to LiveEngage created and managed by: Amazon Lex, MS Bot Framework, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, or any additional Bot vendor using the custom connector. The connector wizard is a simple 4-step flow that defines the agent user under which the bot will operate in LiveEngage.

The 3rd Party Bot platform also allows for simple management and tracking of the bots activity from the Bot Dashboard, and gives real-time data on the bots operational performance.

Pre/Post/Error hooks to invoke Functions

The bot connectors platform will be able to invoke FaaS functions in Pre/Post or Error events of sending messages to the bot provider. The Functions will have the ability to enrich the conversational experience by leveraging the FaaS platform capabilities. Developers could assign actions to the functions like CRM integrations or error handling tactics to manage the outcome of the conversational flow with the bot Provider.