Here is a round-up of the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks- all designed to help you make even more meaningful connections. Please see release notes section for exact release dates of all the features below.


We are launching a new connector to WeChat this month. WeChat serves 1 billion monthly active users, mostly in China, and you can now use LivePerson to manage WeChat conversations alongside other messaging channels. LiveEngage WeChat Connector enables brands to use LiveEngage as their messaging platform to manage their WeChat Official accounts at scale, powered by human or automation. It is designed to support the familiar user experience WeChat has to offer, while tying it with the operational and rich conversational capabilities that are built into LivePerson. Please contact your account team to enable this connector.

Function as a Service

We are excited to announce that Function as a Service, otherwise known as FaaS, is now available to all LivePerson customers.

FaaS enables your developers to create custom behaviors within the LivePerson platform, allowing you to better tailor the system to your business, without the need for APIs or hosting. See the developers community for more information.

WhatsApp Business enhancements

We have some enhancements to WhatsApp

The agent name will be added in the beginning of the agent message in bold. A consumer can also send a message replying / referring to a previous message. A new indicator will be added to such messages in the agent workspace to acknowledge the agent about that. This feature will need to be enabled.

File sharing - agent to consumer (ABC and WhatsApp)

For ABC and WhatsApp, agents can share files such as PDFs directly within the conversation, enabling additional use cases such as sending and receiving forms or personalized contracts. Files are hosted by LP and stored for 13 months. Supported file types include:

  • PDF
  • DOC(X)
  • XLS(X)
  • PPT(X)

Queue priority by day of the week

Queue prioritization focuses agent resources on the conversations that matter most. This feature has been enhanced to increase flexibility by allowing you to configure the queue priority engine by days of the week rather than just times of the day. For example, you can opt to handle conversations that come in during the Monday morning rush before taking care of conversations that came in during the weekend. For more information on queue prioritization, click here.

Agent widget SDK: Configure sandbox attribute

The iframe sandbox attribute used in the Agent widgets enforces restrictions on content hosted in the iframe to protect LiveEngage application from several malicious actions. LiveEngage has set a number of sandbox flags to relax these restrictions and allow required functionalities.

We also have updates to data and reporting:

Report Builder: New Business Dashboard for Messaging

The Business Dashboard for messaging allows you to analyze the consumer journey in messaging. You will have the ability to:

  • View funnel metrics, conversions, and revenue data
  • Analyze campaign data at the level of: brand, line of business, campaign, entry point and engagement

Report Builder: Survey Dashboard for messaging

To improve the performance and loading time of the Performance Dashboard for Messaging(Report Builder), the Post Conversation Survey data will be presented in a new dedicated dashboard called “Survey Dashboard for Messaging” including new visualizations. The Performance Dashboard for Messaging will continue to include results of the predefined questions (CSAT, NPS and FCR) and MCS. The rest of the data about Post Conversation Survey results are moved to the new Survey Dashboard for Messaging.

Conversation segments metrics (by agent/ by skill)

In situations where multiple skills or agents are assigned to each conversation, measuring the performance (e.g. time to first response) requires segmenting the conversation. LivePerson has introduced a new segmentation model to measure each individual skill performance and present accurate KPIs per skill and per agent. New metrics and new skill/agent segment level visualizations will be available in Report Builder’s Performance Dashboard for messaging and the Messaging Operations API.

  • Ability to join bots to conversations –in lieu of transfer
  • Knowledge base integration - Maven recommends knowledge base article for FAQ type questions which the agents can then use to respond to customers, improving agent efficiency KB from Conversation Builder.