Here are the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks:

Hello Conversational Cloud…Rebranding coming soon!

For the past several years, LivePerson has helped leading brands become Conversational. Our platform enables agents and bots to handle inquiries from the most popular messaging channels, giving consumers an easy way to ask questions and make purchases. As more and more brands make the shift to Conversational, we are updating our product naming architecture to reflect this new way of operating. LiveEngage is soon being renamed to the LivePerson Conversational Cloud. Please note that all functionality and user interface will remain unchanged. We want to ensure that all our product names reflect their capabilities for easy navigation and therefore LivePerson’s new product architecture includes additional important name changes. For more information on which names are changing, click [here]

Data Transporter

The Data Transporter application is now available. It allows brands to integrate their Conversational Cloud data sources with internal systems and reporting tools with greater efficiency.

Data Transporter allows brands to: Connect to multiple Conversational Cloud account API data sources Choose from a rich catalogue of raw data or formatted report exports Schedule exports from each Conversational Cloud data source Securely deliver your exports to: LP Cloud, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and SFTP

For more information on Data Transporter, click here

Post Conversation Survey in Conversation Builder

Bot developers can create and activate surveys directly from within the Conversation Builder platform. Post conversation surveys are activated at the account level and will be presented to the user after a conversation is closed. The survey bot can ask the following:

  • Specialized questions designed to provide First Call Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey metrics
  • Questions that reflect your brand's key performance indicators
  • e-text questions

For more information click here

Dev Center

The LivePerson Developers site has received a new look and feel, providing a better experience for new and existing users and enabling them to find content more intuitively.

The Welcome page contains content that helps you learn about the key products and services offered by LivePerson.

The Getting Started page takes you through the first steps of creating and setting up an account, and helps you get familiar with LivePerson APIs so you can build and customize your own solutions.

The search experience provides a contextual preview. This displays the sentences that contain the keyword being searched and provides users with more information before making a selection.

LivePerson will continue to enhance the Dev Center to ensure the best user experience for our developers. Check out the Dev Center here