Here are the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks:

Hello Conversational Cloud…Rebranding coming soon!

For the past several years, LivePerson has helped leading brands become Conversational. Our platform enables agents and bots to handle inquiries from the most popular messaging channels, giving consumers an easy way to ask questions and make purchases. As more and more brands make the shift to Conversational, we are updating our product naming architecture to reflect this new way of operating. LiveEngage is soon being renamed to the LivePerson Conversational Cloud. Please note that all functionality and user interface will remain unchanged. We want to ensure that all our product names reflect their capabilities for easy navigation and therefore LivePerson’s new product architecture includes additional important name changes. For more information on which names are changing, click here

Data Transporter

The Data Transporter application is now available. It allows brands to integrate their Conversational Cloud data sources with internal systems and reporting tools with greater efficiency.

Data Transporter allows brands to: Connect to multiple Conversational Cloud account API data sources Choose from a rich catalogue of raw data or formatted report exports Schedule exports from each Conversational Cloud data source Securely deliver your exports to: LP Cloud, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and SFTP

For more information on Data Transporter, click here

Post Conversation Survey in Conversation Builder

Bot developers can create and activate surveys directly from within the Conversation Builder platform. Post conversation surveys are activated at the account level and will be presented to the user after a conversation is closed. The survey bot can ask the following:

  • Specialized questions designed to provide First Call Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey metrics
  • Questions that reflect your brand's key performance indicators
  • e-text questions

For more information click here

Developer Center

The LivePerson Developers site has received a new look and feel, providing a better experience for new and existing users and enabling them to find content more intuitively.

The Welcome page contains content that helps you learn about the key products and services offered by LivePerson.

The Getting Started page takes you through the first steps of creating and setting up an account, and helps you get familiar with LivePerson APIs so you can build and customize your own solutions.

The search experience provides a contextual preview. This displays the sentences that contain the keyword being searched and provides users with more information before making a selection.

LivePerson will continue to enhance the Developer Center to ensure the best user experience for our developers. Check out the Developer Center here

Proactive API 2.0

Proactive Messaging enables brands to proactively send consumers outbound messages on channels such as WhatsApp and respond to consumers who reach out to initiate high-value marketing and customer care conversations.

Proactive Messaging can be leveraged using Proactive API or Web Tool. Proactive Messaging v2.0 API is the latest API with a lot of improvements including rate limiting, support for scheduling guardrails, high send rate and integrates with campaigns and engagement for conversation routing.

Improvements include: The first outbound message to be included in the conversation transcript instead of relying on the Connect to Messaging widget. A safeguard capability that ensures recipients only receive messages within a specific time range based on the timezone which is determined by their phone number. Rate limiting enabling more calls to APIs without it impacting the stability of the service.

For information on how to enable this feature, click here

Please note: SMS (Twilio) support will be released at a later date. This API does not support multiple send-from numbers and does not support engagement attributes.

Private Messages

Agents and Managers can post a private message inside a conversation that is not visible to the consumer and only visible to other brand employees participating in the conversation. For example, a manager sends a message to the Agent “make sure you offer this employee this month’s promotion, he is the perfect candidate!”. This capability will enable managers to guide agents during active conversations, while agents will be able to ask managers for directions and clarifications. During a conversation, a new private message action is available within the action menu in the transcript area. Type the message and click on the send button. A private message displayed within the conversation area will appear with a “PRIVATE” badge.

Please note: This feature is enabled by default. Currently, Private messages are not available for bot agents, only to human agents.

Intent Discovery and Optimization

This feature will enable brands to quickly uncover patterns in their existing data, better discover high impact intents, and automatically develop training phrases to train their machine learning models. It creates a tight integration between Intent Analyzer and Intent Builder making it easy for users to annotate incorrectly classified messages so that models can be improved and new intent classes can be created. For more information, click here

Conversation Builder’s new Dialog Editor 2.0

Dialog Editor 2.0 is a one-stop tool for designing and building scalable conversations with dialogs and interactions across multiple channels. Bot developers can easily develop and maintain hundreds of dialogs and interactions using Dialog Editor 2.0: Key improvements include: Self-guided interface for easily creating rules, without the need for coding Scalable UI for dialog creation and management, with multiple types of Interactions, dialog templates and libraries to facilitate building better conversation flow Improved UI for configuring user response handling Improve overall readability of conversation flow Aligned navigation towards the overall Conversational Cloud

For more information on the improvements to the Dialog Editor 2.0, click here

Starter Pack Taxonomy

LivePerson is adding coverage for existing starter packs and new starter packs on an ongoing basis. We are starting with an initial test with FinServ & Cross Vertical Intents, then evaluating the intents, followed by adding Cross Vertical intents to Telco, Airlines and Insurance SPs.

Load balancing redistribute conversation load to connected agents

The allocation of conversations to contact centers will occur dynamically based on the center availability of connected agents. If one of the configured centers has no connected agents, the load will be distributed between the remaining centers.

Groups hierarchy filter

The existing group filter is being modified to support the visualization of the groups hierarchy in the groups filter. In addition, once selecting a group, its sub-groups will be auto-selected as well.

Metrics - Response time metrics and self serve metrics

Response time metrics will be added to the “Activity summary” widget, allowing managers to better track consumer experience and agent performance in real-time, (group & skill level). In addition, self serve metric configurations will enable brands to configure, per widget, which metrics will be displayed.

Agent App

The Agent App offers agents working from home or on-the-go a full range of messaging capabilities, so they can continue to serve customers with complete efficiency. The Agent App will soon be available for Android tablets. Other updates include; agents being able to initiate video calls from the app and Managers will have the ability to join a conversation.

Analytics Builder updates

The Survey Messaging dashboard will be enhanced to include attribution of messaging survey results to include bots. We also are enabling reporting on Collaboration channels ( such as CoBrowse, Video, Voice) in messaging as well as on PCI Secure Forms in messaging. This means users will have greater visibility & transparency in payments and allows brands to measure return on investment.


The Conversational Cloud Engagement Window and Engagement Invitations will be validated by WCAG 2.1 AA standards, and then certified for compliance. Agent & Agent Managers will be able to use accessibility features on both themes (Dark & Light): Updates include a screen reader, keyboard navigation, focus outline, accessible color contrast, adjusted font size and more.

Default encryption settings

Accounts created will automatically include encryption to increase security

Key Messaging Metrics API

Real- time messaging metrics API that exposes key messaging metrics such as: response time, agents load, closed conversations, The API will be available at skill & group levels.

Third Party Bots - Support MS Bot Platform activities

Instead of using custom LivePerson code when developing the bot. the bot developer can use the native MS code and we translate it to what our platform expects.