Here is a round-up of the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming to LivePerson in the following weeks - all designed to help you make even more meaningful connections.

The new LiveEngage mobile app

The LiveEngage mobile app is an iOS application for iPads & iPhones that allows agents and agent managers to message with consumers on-the-go.

The LiveEngage mobile app expands opportunities for messaging scenarios, for example, in stores, retail reps can leverage their down time by messaging with customers not in store giving them the power to increase sales. The app enables agents to close conversations, return them back to queue, use predefined content, receive push notifications, and lots more! The app will soon be available for download in the app store for early adopters so if you are interested in using the app, please contact

Sinch Connector for SMS

In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing the SMS connector to the Sinch gateway which gives you an alternative to the current SMS Twilio and CM connectors. This is great as it allows you to converse with consumers using the SMS application in iOS or Android and manage these conversations at scale using our LivePerson platform.

LUIS bot connector

You will soon be able to easily onboard and manage bots and automations created using Microsoft LUIS. A LUIS bot can be on-boarded and controlled without needing to use any of LivePerson’s APIs for integration and can be accessed from the Bot Connectors section under the Automation Module.

Bot status dashboard for bot connectors

The bot status dashboard allows you to monitor the technical and operational activity of third-party bots. You can monitor bot KPIs such as transferred conversations and errors, and track metrics over time to identify issues in the bot flows. You also have the option to export the data and view logs related to the bots operational activity

All bots are managed via the Bot Connectors. For more information on Bot Connectors, click here

Fallback configuration per skill

When assigning conversations to agents, it is possible that certain skills will have no online agents that can receive the conversation and therefor a fallback skill needs to be assigned. This capability will soon be offered on a per skill basis so for example, if the sales team is out for the day, all conversations can be rerouted to the sales backup skill for lead generation and follow up. For more information, see release notes

Integration with FaaS from Conversation Builder

You will have access to FaaS from within Conversation Builder, helping you to deploy custom code through FAAS and mashup APIs. FaaS provides you with even more flexibility to deploy custom code and use that as part of Conversation Builder dialogs.

Scheduled Function Execution

Functions will no longer be tied to the occurrence of a specific account event, such as conversation state changes or external invocations, but will be time-bound and set to run in advance. Until now, functions could only be triggered by the occurrence of defined LiveEngage event. The invocation can be defined by point in time or a recurrence such as every 3 hours. More details coming soon.

Please see the release notes section for exact release dates of all the features listed above.

Migrating all BI accounts to the Report Builder

Please note, in August, LivePerson will sunset the BI reporting tool, migrating all accounts to our new reporting platform, Report Builder.

Report Builder is a new and improved version of LiveEngage BI dashboards. With superior performance, an additional layer of messaging KPIs, and the ability to tailor dashboards to specific business needs, the Report Builder includes more powerful capabilities than those available in LiveEngage BI. Watch our two minute video to learn about the Report Builder.