Watch this short video for the upcoming features for the weeks ahead.

The new LivePerson AI Annotator!

Automate even more conversations by empowering agents to flag bot issues and suggest a solution within seconds, while going about their day to day tasks. AI Annotator provides agents and QA teams who view conversations with the ability to suggest correct intents to messages that the bot did not understand. Once the suggestion is approved by a manager, similar messages will be correctly identified by the bot. This process of labeling data which is later used to improve an AI model, is called AI Annotation. Click herefor more information.

Social Messaging 2.0

Social Messaging extends LivePerson’s industry-leading conversational commerce platform, AI and automation capabilities, and multi-decade expertise in connecting brands with customers, into the world of social media.

Social Messaging enables brands to interact with consumers over Twitter and Facebook through the Conversational Cloud. For each new channel, conversations can take place both in public (on Twitter Tweets that mention the brand, and Facebook Page posts and comments), in private (Twitter direct messages and Facebook Messenger), or a mix of public and private messaging in the same conversation.

Social Messaging 2.0 includes the following features:

  • Channel indication: The My Conversations list has been enhanced with a new icon showing the conversation source, so that the agent will be able to identify the channel that the consumer is originating from.
  • New Social Messaging widget: A new core widget is now available for all Social Messaging conversations. The widget’s main benefits: View Consumer Profile - View the publicly available social media profile of the consumer you’re interacting with from within Conversational Cloud Clear context for the conversation - View the consumer post from within the Conversational Cloud, nested under its parent post, to have clear context of the conversation topic
  • Reply to specific consumer messages: Agents have the ability to reply to a specific consumer message, to ensure that consumers are getting relevant replies to each of their posts.
  • Public to Private: Quickly transition conversations from public social media to private by simply clicking the “Public to Private” button, which sends a large call to action button for the consumer to select.
  • Mention consumer in reply: Agents will be able to mention consumers with their Facebook username in their replies, so that consumers will get a notification that they have been mentioned by the brand in the native platform.

Note: Messaging must be enabled on your Conversational Cloud account. Only Facebook and Twitter are supported.

Instagram Connector

Instagram allows brands to drastically expand their reach and connect with over 1 billion consumers on their smartphones. This new channel has unique offerings in messaging operations which will enable brands to quickly meet consumer needs while utilizing the Conversational Cloud capabilities. Rich capabilities include: Instagram Stories, Secure forms, Auto messages, Post Conversation Survey, photo & video sharing. Users should have a Facebook business page that is connected to an Instagram handle prior to the account setup. Please reach out to your LivePerson account team in order to start the approval process. Check out the Knowledge Center for more information.

Proactive to InApp

As LivePerson continues to enhance the Proactive to Messaging solutions, App Messaging is a new channel we add to our offering that currently supports SMS and WhatsApp. Brands using the Mobile SDK and allowing their consumers to message them through their app will now be able to send outbound messages to their consumers via the app.

Connect to Messaging

LivePerson’s Connect to Messaging (C2M) is an IVR deflection solution that lets brands offer their consumers an option to move from voice calls to messaging. Once consumers opt to deflect to a messaging conversation, they will receive an outbound message via either SMS, WhatsApp or the brand’s mobile app, which they can respond to and start having a two-way conversation with the brand. The consumer’s responses are routed into the Agent Workspace, where conversations can be handled by human agents, automation, or a tango of both. SMS, WhatsApp and App Messaging are supported channels at this time.


Analytics Builder predefined dashboards

The Analytics Builder predefined dashboards including the Agent Activity, Business Activity for Messaging and the Performance Dashboard for Messaging have been enhanced to allow brands to measure the Collaboration channels (CoBrowse,Voice and video) usage and ROI. Brands can now track their daily usage and correlation of the feature usage vs. performance KPIs such as conversion, revenue, CSAT at brand, skill and agent level.

Check out the new list of metrics and possibilities here.

Skill Active Indicator

Skill Active Indicator attribute was added to the predefined dashboards to allow brands to select skills in an efficient way by viewing only the skills which are used and not deleted from the system. The Skill Active Indicator attribute was added to the dashboards Messaging Performance Dashboard, Agent Activity, Bot performance, Goal tracker for messaging and for chat, and Network manager.

Reporting solution for Connect to Messaging

Full funnel reporting will be available with a complete set of metrics (Sent, Delivered, Failed, Opted out, Read, Responded) for SMS, WhatsApp and any new channel onboarded with Connect to Messaging. Analytics Builder: Agent Annotations Reporting New bot dashboards are available to help brands to track their bot performance over time. The first phase will include specific tracking on Intent annotation.

Updates to Manager Workspace

Quick filters

Agent Managers spend a lot of time filtering the same agents, skills and teams. This feature will allow managers to save workspace filters and be able to move between preset filters quickly and easily.

Transcripts in Conversation Widget

Managers looking to better understand the conversations, intents and overall experience during their shift can now use the Manager Workspace’s Conversation widget to gain complete visibility into the details of each conversation in real time. Now, with a single click on the relevant conversation, users can open conversation transcripts within the Conversation widget. This means that managers can filter relevant agents, skills, intents and timeframes to quickly scroll through different transcripts, making it very easy for managers to compare situations and identify issues in real time without switching between Manager and Agent Workspaces.

Bot Performance widget

Today, human agents and bots are treated similarly in the Manager Workspace. They are both treated as the same type of agents without the ability to distinguish between the two. While most of the metrics measured currently are relevant for both human and automated agents, there are differences between these user types with additional bot-centric metrics required. The Bot Performance widget provides "automation centric" metrics that allow easy monitoring and management over the automation that affect the day to day shift.

Developer updates - Third Party Bot Connectors

LivePerson has many updates to Third Party Bot Connectors:

  • Transfer to agent: Currently Third Party Bots are able to perform skill transfers. Soon, Bots will also be able to perform transfer to agent. This will allow brands to develop functionality that cherry picks the right agent to transfer and uses OOTB fallbacks of agent matching system.
  • Conversation Tester: Brands will be able to have mock conversations with their onboarded bot directly from the 3rd-party bot interface.
  • Watson Discovery Search support brands using Watson: Bots can now also take advantage of Watson Discovery and share the responses of the search back with the consumer via their bot.


Analytics Builder - Permissions updates taking place

We are updating permissions to the Analytics Builder to ensure that we have an accurate view of active and inactive users. Users who have not accessed the Analytics Builder tool since September 1, 2020 will have their permission changed to “off” by default.

For anyone currently using the Analytics Builder, permissions will remain unchanged, but there will be a slight change to the profile name (an additional suffix of _AB will be added). There is no action required by users, this update will happen automatically and no functionality will be affected during this change.

This update will apply to all Conversational Cloud accounts where the Analytics Builder feature is enabled. Contact your LivePerson account team for more information. Click here to learn more.

EOL of the Real-Time Dashboard for Messaging taking place March 2021

In March 2021, the Real-Time Dashboard for Messaging will be deprecated. The Real-Time Dashboard was developed before the new Manager Workspace existed. The new Manager Workspace is embedded into the core platform, allowing users to manage their operations seamlessly and in real-time which eliminates the need to support the Real-Time Dashboard. Note: Chat users will not be affected by this change at this time.

EOL of the Advanced Messaging Dashboard taking place end of Q3

The Advanced Messaging Dashboard was originally built to solve for critical messaging reporting needs that could not be served elsewhere. All of those reporting needs are now being served by either the Analytics Builder Predefined Dashboards or other reporting tools within LivePerson. The Advanced Messaging Dashboard is undergoing a sunset plan (end of support is August 31st 2021 & end-of-life is planned for September 30th 2021). These are the brands that are using the Advanced Messaging Dashboard