Holiday season is upon us! Whilst we start to slow down for Christmas and get ready for the new year, we wanted to reflect on 2019 and take you through all the highlights. This year was a huge year for LivePerson as we made groundbreaking steps in embedding AI in to our conversational platform.

Watch this two minute video for the Best of 2019

This year we introduced…

New AI tools

AI-Powered Routing

Maven’s AI Powered Routing provides a centralized experience to create dynamic policies to achieve routing to the best human agent, skill, or bot. Routing policies are based on intent and/or context attributes such as consumer profile data, operational context (e.g. predicted wait times) and conversation history. For more information on AI-Powered Routing click here.

Maven assist

Maven is LivePerson’s platform for AI-powered conversational orchestration & continuous learning. Maven Recommended Actions is part of Maven Assist, a suite of features that improves productivity for agents and humans. Recommended Actions is a capability of Maven Assist that suggests the next best action to agents in real time, based on consumer’s intent. For more information on Maven Assist, click here.


LiveIntent provides real-time intent identification to help businesses optimize operations and enable data-driven automation programs. It’s a one-stop hub for discovering, tracking, and maintaining intents in real-time. LiveIntent leverages the NLU engine of your choice to analyze and track the performance of your intent libraries created in the Intent Builder. For more information on LiveIntent, click here.

The Conversation Builder

Conversation Builder allows brands to build bots including everything from creating intents and building dialogues, to back-end integrations that connect to all consumer messaging channels. Through Conversation Builder - you can build a bot once and it will work on any of your selected conversation channels - e.g. SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. For more information on the Conversation Builder click here.

New experiences including…

The enhanced agent workspace

The enhanced workspace simplifies agent operations to dramatically increase agent focus and efficiency. It was designed to handle multiple channels of conversation at scale asynchronously, taking into account all of the features that were developed especially for messaging. Enhancements include: A new look & feel, new dynamic conversation list with built-in automation sorts conversations by the response time, quick and simple filters (e.g. filter by idle conversations), full history of the conversation within the same window rather than needing to navigate to a dedicated history widget and finally, each user is now able to select whether they want to work in dark or light mode for their workspace. For more information on the enhanced agent workspace, click here.

New Managers workspace

LivePerson have introduced a built-in, specialized workspace dedicated to the success of agent managers. The manager workspace is the new landing page for messaging agent managers that provides a centralized location for the data and agent information needed to manage a shift. It was designed for messaging only. It includes only messaging data and messaging agents' performance (chat data, agents and KPI’s are not included).

This new dashboard will boost the agent manager or team manager performance by:

  • Offering a quick and comprehensive view of the ‘state of your shift’ in real time
  • Giving you the ability to drill down and understand causes for tracked metrics
  • Helping you react to situations in real time and prevent growing issues

Managers will also be able to actively supervise key metrics such as:

  • Queue length
  • CSAT levels
  • Agent utilization and efficiency For more information on the new managers workspace, click here.

More channels, more ways to connect


SocialConnect extends LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform into the world of social media making it easier for brands to interact with consumers over Twitter and Facebook through a single platform, LiveEngage. For more information on Social Connect, click here.


EmailConnect enables brand agents to get more out of email. It enables brand agents to receive and respond to emails through LiveEngage. EmailConnect also allows brands to convert consumers from email to more effective messaging channels with higher response and conversion rates such as WhatsApp & SMS. For more information on EmailConnect click here.

Proactive Messaging

With Proactive Messaging, brands can now send consumers outbound messages on SMS, or richer channels like WhatsApp to initiate high value marketing and customer care conversations. Instead of relying on low conversion emails, or one-way messages that drive consumers to web pages or phone calls. Proactive Messaging allows consumers to respond to marketing campaigns and customer care alerts within the same conversation. For more information on Proactive Messaging, click here.

Revamped web messaging window

Updates to the web messaging window include the following:

LiveEngage Mobile app for agents

The LiveEngage mobile app is an iOS application for iPads & iPhones that allows agents and agent managers to message with consumers on-the-go.

The app expands opportunities for messaging scenarios. For example, in store retail reps can leverage their down time by messaging with customers not in store utilizing retail reps as agents and giving them the power to increase sales. For more information on how to download the app and get started, click here.

In addition… new features coming out this December

Queue priority for conversation returned to queue

Conversations being placed back into queue (though they have already waited to receive an agent assignment) can be automatically assigned higher priority and reach the top of queue faster, improving consumer experience by ensuring no consumer needs to wait longer just because their conversation was returned to queue. For more information on queue prioritization, click here.

Personalize the predefined content widget display in the Agent Workspace

In the new agent workspace, the predefined content widget now enables each user to decide whether to display each content titles + text, or to hide the content text and display the titles only. If the user chooses the “Titles only” display, hovering each item will display it’s content on a tooltip for assistance.

Deselect conversation - Agent Workspace

Increase efficiency and user experience in the new agent workspace by enabling agents to work in a mode where they are not focused on a particular conversation. This work mode enables to clear the workspace, or focus on other tasks. Anew action has been added to the conversation action menu: “Unselect conversation”. When choosing this option for a conversation, it will hide the conversation from the user’s screen (but will not remove it from the “My connections” list).

Display summary notes to previous conversations - Agent Workspace

Agents will receive a more holistic picture of previous conversations with a consumer through the addition of summary notes to the conversation history and notes. In the new workspace, previous conversations are displayed above the current conversation. We now added the ability to see previous conversations summary as written by previous agents who participated in the conversation (one or more).

Wait time metric - Manager workspace

A new metric, “Wait time” has been added to the “Queue summary” widget. The metric is shown by skill breakdown. The metric displays the 90th percentile of the consumers wait time for an agent assignment. This means that 90% of consumers are currently waiting for an agent assignment X amount of time or less. This enables better visibility of the status of the queue allowing managers to take action to impact queue levels and consumer experience in real-time.

Overdue metrics - Manager workspace

The overdue metrics have been added in two locations:

Activity summary - This metric displays the number of conversations assigned to agents that exceeded the target response time. The metric will include only the conversations of agents under the groups the manager is managing.

Queue summary - This metric displays the number of conversations waiting in queue that exceeded the target response time. The metric will include only the conversations assigned to skills the manager is managing.

This allows managers to closely monitor the number of overdue conversations during a shift, so they can take action when needed.

Filter by specific hour - Manager workspace

Until now, users have only been able to change the time range of the manager workspace to view data from the past X hours (maximum supported time range being 24 hours).

With new ‘filter by specific hour’, users can filter the workspace from a specific hour in time, in a range between midnight and the current time.

Seamless Navigation from agent to manager workspace

When a user drills down to read a transcript of a specific conversation from the “Conversations widget” in the manager workspace, the user is navigated to the enhanced agent workspace. In order to navigate back to the conversation list, the user has to click on the manager workspace icon in the navigation bar - a less than ideal UX. With the new navigation, the flow is more intuitive and seamless with a new “Back to Manager workspace” button to easily help users navigate back to the manager workspace in one click.