Here are the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks:

Conversational Cloud unveiling

The LivePerson Conversational Cloud is the evolution of LiveEngage. It’s an AI-powered conversational platform that transforms brands into intent-driven conversational enterprises. Our Conversational AI was built by an expert team of engineers and data scientists, using extensive research and testing together with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. This AI is the heart of the Conversational Cloud — and it’s already transforming sales and customer care for some of the world’s most innovative brands.

The Conversational Cloud makes it possible to understand consumer intents in real-time to inform critical business decisions and automate consumer interactions at scale on all the popular messaging channels. The Conversational Cloud powers the orchestration of human agents, bots, and systems through a specialized set of AI-powered services and tools. Brands can use this platform to discover and understand consumer intents, design and scale personalized automations to fulfill those intents, and measure and optimize the effectiveness of conversations.

Click here to hear from our CEO Rob LoCassio on the Conversational Cloud.

Agent App Android

There are a number of features being released this month as part of the Agent App:

  • Agents can initiate video calls from the agent app.
  • Managers have the ability to join a conversation within the App.
  • Agents will be able to select predefined content with the content translated based on the campaign. Five dynamic fields can be added to predefined content (skill name, skill description, agent name, agent nickname and agent email)
  • Agents can send and receive photos, PDF, Word Documents to an from WhatsApp and Web Messaging
  • Agents will be able to receive consumers' location (GPS coordinates and address if it can be matched) for WhatsApp and the consumer info (eg phone number in WhatsApp)
  • Agents will be able to receive recorded audio files in WhatsApp

Intent Manager

In the coming weeks, we have many exciting updates to the Intent Manager.

Advanced filters

Advanced filtering options provide customers with increased flexibility and the ability to cover more granular use cases including detailed analysis of bot/human tango. Exclude and compound filter options will make it faster to drill into specific data views.


Users can trial Intent Analyzer, learning more about it and quickly getting started with new domains. For more information, click [here]

New navigation

Improved menu layout and alignment with Conversational Cloud products

Quickly find similar messages through the discovery feature using machine learning

Chat support

View and analyze consumer intents for Web Chat customers

Custom KPI configuration

Brands can customize the dashboard to utilize the metrics that are most important to them for Intent Analysis. The dashboard can be configured to utilize alternative post survey conversation data & not just limited to CSAT.

Intent Powered Queue prioritization

Brands can configure their customer queuing logic to prioritize specified high value intents. For more information on Queue Prioritization, click here

Dialog Templates

LivePerson are continuing investment in to pre-built, fully functional dialog templates for common intents that help bot developers build high quality conversations. Examples include escalation/ frustration models, resolution/completion models, sentiment models (MCS), and improved statement of intent classifiers.

Pre Built domains

To get you quickly up and running with intents, LivePerson now provides a set of prebuilt domains that can easily be added to the Intent Builder environment. A “prebuilt domain” is a ready-made, pretrained domain that includes a set of well-defined intents. No prior conversations are needed to get started (unlike the starter pack).

There are two kinds of prebuilt domains: 1 ) Generic, prebuilt domains for a number of verticals: Telecommunications, Financial Services, Airlines and Insurance. 2) A cross-vertical, prebuilt domain that is appropriate for all verticals. This includes intents for things like customer account management, customer order management, e-commerce, billing and payment. Once you add a prebuilt domain, you can customize it as you see fit. After customization, you’ll need to retrain the domain as you normally do.

Performance Portal

At the core of the portal is a dashboard and enablement framework that clearly articulates how primary and secondary KPIs influence success and align to the LivePerson 4E Framework (TM) pillars of Efficiency, Effectiveness, Effort, and Emotion

The Performance Portal has anonymized brand comparisons, industry benchmarks, segmentations, and KPI targets.
A Configuration Engine within the Performance Portal allows brands to define reporting units and save data in relevant segmentations.

Narrative-driven dashboards and data contextualization allow people to diagnose issues in a faster, more intelligent way.

Third Party Bots - Conversation Tester

Brands will be able to have mock conversations with their onboarded bot directly from the 3rd Party Bot interface. They will be able to test out the responses of the bot and troubleshoot issues. The Tester will create a conversation with the bot and will present feedback and error messages to the tester allowing Brands to validate their Bot's flows and correct issues. The tester will help establish if intents are missed, if structured content is wrongly set up thereby empowering the Brand to make corrections before taking the bot to their consumers.

Functions Key/Value Store

This enhancement provides a simple integrated storage that lambdas can use to save customer data.

Migration to the enhanced workspace September 14th

LivePerson launched the enhanced agent workspace for messaging last year. On September 14th 2020, we will be retiring the old workspace. After that date, the link to revert back to the old workspace will no longer be available.

Many customers have already moved to the new workspace and are benefiting from its enhancements and new functionalities. We’ve updated the new workspace to the WCAG accessibility standards and this workspace simplifies agent operations and dramatically increases efficiency.

For more information and FAQs about the migration plan, please click here

Window Title Bar - Allow customizations and WCAG support

Brands will be able to customize the text in the Window Title Bar and provide appropriate WCAG support. This is a feature enhancement sub-item of WCAG 2.1 Certification efforts.

Conversation Orchestrator

Context Intelligence - SDEs available in Context Warehouse and Routing policies

Brands can use SDEs (Structured Data Entities) to send custom attributes when initiating a conversation from both unauthenticated and authenticated flows. Provides UI tools in the Workspace that allows brands to use SDEs to build complex routing policies without the need to understand coding.

Dynamic Routing Workspace

LivePerson are improving the UX for large number of attributes and policies.