Welcome to the LivePerson Product Updates Newsletter for April

Here is a round-up of the latest features, enhancements and enablements that are coming in the following weeks- all designed to help you make even more meaningful connections. We hope you enjoy using them!

Watch this 2 minute video:

Automation tab

In mid-April, the new Automation tab will be displayed to all brands and users by default.

There are three items under this tab:

  1. Overview of bots & AI in LivePerson - This page is informative only and will be viewable by all users.
  2. Conversation Builder (build and manage bots): The Conversation Builder will be embedded directly into this tab, enabling users to access bot building directly from the LiveEngage UI. This tab will be available to accounts that have the Conversation Builder enabled.
  3. Bot Connectors: This area will display all the 3rd party bots created and on-boarded into the account from DialogueFlow or Watson and enable brands to connect to additional instances quickly and easily. Additional AI vendors will be added to this offering in the future (view documentation on the dev comm).

Desktop & vanity URL support for Secure Forms

Secure forms for connectors are currently supported only in mobile. Secure forms will now be supported also on the desktop version of the messaging apps, i.e. WhatsApp and Facebook.

Currently, the secure form link includes domain owned by LivePerson. Consumer might not trust a domain that is different than the brand they are communicating with and therefore will avoid using it. Using Vanity URL solution, the secure forms links will be sent with the brand domain/certificate instead of LivePerson domain.

Currently, once a secure form is sent by the agent to the consumer, the consumer has to click twice in order to open the form.

In order to improve the consumer experience, secure forms will be shown as rich links. The link will include the secure form name and will require only one tap to be opened.

Once deployed, secure forms via rich links will become the default behaviour for secure forms in ABC, no configuration is required.

File sharing

(consumer to agent & agent to consumer) - web messaging

For web messaging, both consumers and agents can share files such as PDFs directly within the conversation, enabling additional use cases such as sending and receiving forms or personalized contracts.

Files are hosted by LP and stored for 13 months.

Supported file types include:

  • PDF
  • DOC(X)
  • XLS(X)
  • PPT(X)

Pre filter for agent managers

Prefilter the open connections list by agent group, allowing agent managers to only see conversations of agent groups they manage instead of all agents.

Transfer to agent

Increase customer satisfaction by enabling agent-to-agent transfer. This gives agents, agent managers and bots the ability to transfer a conversation not just to a skill, but to a specific agent with expertise on the subject, or an agent that has previously been involved in the case.

Auto close per skill

The pace of conversations can vary across different skills. LivePerson’s auto close now has a ‘per skill level’ (in addition to account level configuration) to finetune when a conversation closes per skill - improving agent efficiency and operations. For example, brands may want to keep a sales-related conversation open for longer than a standard support request.

Smart capacity metrics

The Advanced Messaging dashboard in the Report Builder has been enriched with smart capacity metrics to indicate whether you are over or under-staffed enabling and assessment of whether your contact center is being optimized.

Metrics for staffing analysis:

  • Available conversations slots ratio - indicates overstaffing
  • Avg. Time to Assignment - indicates understaffing

Metrics for measuring the impact of Smart Capacity and agents' performance:

  • Time to response & TTFR while fully loaded
  • Idle time while fully loaded.

For all the features listed above please check the weekly release notes for exact rollout dates as delivery dates may vary and are subject to change.