The LivePerson customer support policy is designed to provide assistance with maximizing the value of your LivePerson products. LivePerson customer support provides 24x7 coverage via chat, messaging and email. This document outlines LivePerson support features and processes, and procedures for engaging with the LivePerson customer Ssupport team.

This policy does not cover third party services, products or technology, which are subject to the support commitments offered by the applicable third party provider.


Customer Support Channel: Channels customers can use to engage with LivePerson Customer Support, including messaging, chat, community site, customer center and more, as further defined in this Policy.

DOS/DDOS attack: A Distributed Denial of Service Attack is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet.

LivePerson Network Operations Center (NOC): The team that monitors our networks and provides alerts about service interruptions. NOC is responsible for updating LivePerson Support should any of the above events occur.

Resolution: An issue is considered resolved when the customer's service needs have been met.

LivePerson Service Status Dashboard: The web page accessible to LivePerson customers that describes current and past statuses of their LivePerson accounts and maintenance activity updates. The Service Status Dashboard is accessible to

LivePerson customers at

Scope of support

LivePerson customer support is provided to help you resolve issues that arise when using LivePerson products. During the troubleshooting and resolution process, customers are expected to fulfill reasonable tasks, based on the recommendations of the LivePerson customer support team.

The following items are generally not supported:

  • Features for which LivePerson has declared “end of support.”
  • Alterations or revisions to the LivePerson code by the customer.
  • Continued support of issues for which LivePerson has provided a solution that has not been implemented by the customer, or for which data requested from the customer has not been provided.
  • Writing or debugging custom applications without following LivePerson integration guidelines.
  • Dashboards and derived metrics/attributes created by the customer in LiveEngage Report Builder.
  • Third party services, products or technology. Please let us know if you have questions about a third party tool and we will endeavor to help obtain additional information for you.

Engagement channels

Each issue that is identified by the LivePerson Network Operations Center or reported by LivePerson customers is assigned a severity level and is tracked according to the following service levels. Upon request, Customer will promptly provide LivePerson with full cooperation and all information reasonably requested by LivePerson to facilitate the investigation of all support issues (e.g., test account information, user ID's, access to Customer’s mobile application etc).

Customer acknowledges that its inability to provide all requested information by LivePerson may affect the time periods set forth below and LivePerson shall not be in breach of its obligations herein or be responsible for such delays.

  • Severity
  • Level
  • Contact
  • Method
  • Description Response
  • Time
  • Periodic
  • Updates
  • Root cause
  • Analysis (RCA)