Mutual TLS Self Service (mTLS)

We are delighted to announce that our platform now supports Mutual TLS Self-Service (mTLS) features that will allow clients to manage their certificates, without the need to reach out to a LivePerson representative or the support team.

 Mutual TLS Self-Service (mTLS) will significantly reduce the onboarding and renewal of new mTLS Certificates for the Brands.

Learn more about Mutual TLS(mTLS)  products and capabilities.

The product will help you:

  • Create a new Certificate for Mutual TLS
  • Upload your Certificate to Mutual TLS
  • List all of the mTLS certificates & mappings
  • Renew existing Mutual TLS Certificates
  • Update the existing mapping
  • Track Certificate Expirations

For more details, Please visit Mutual TLS(mTLS) Self Service in Knowledge Base 

Mutual TLS in Management Console
Add/Update your mTLS Certificates and Mappings