These release notes include new features arriving June 2020. Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication.

Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Intent Analyzer - Discovery & Optimization

Type: New functionality (Intent Manager)

New Self Service Intent Discovery and Optimization features enable brands to tune their Intent taxonomy and deploy improved models within minutes. Brands can now easily mine their conversation data to discover and build new intents from one unified interface. They can also correct misclassified messages and feed those annotations back into their model as new training phrases to improve recognition quality.

In addition to Intent Discovery & Optimization, version 1.3 of Intent Analyzer also improves the information architecture, surfacing new header links for ease of navigation throughout the application, and fixes an issue timezone handling in the date picker

Custom Starter Packs can now be generated from historical chat transcripts as well as messaging transcripts. A minimum of 200K chat messages is required, but now brands who have recently migrated to messaging can utilize their chat history to automatically build out their own initial Intent taxonomy.

In order for a brand user to begin reclassifying utterances via the Intent Analyzer Discovery feature, they must have at least one of the following permissions:

  • Conversation Builder: Administrator
  • Conversation Builder: Bot Builder
  • Conversation Builder: Content User

How to enable

Intent Discovery & Optimization is enabled by default for all Intent Analyzer customers. If you wish to disable, please contact your LivePerson account team.

Report Builder supports Multi Factor Authentication and OAuth2

Type: New functionality (Report Builder 4.6)

Report builder has been enhanced to use the new SSO infrastructure for enabling multi-factor authentication solutions and OAuth2 SSO to complete the login process.

Report builder: Sensitive token in URL

Type: Bug fix (Report Builder 4.6)

Following a successful SSO authentication, a GET request is sent to the server with a sensitive token as a parameter (this token creates the Session ID cookie). This token is not one-time-use and can be used again and again within a short time frame of about 1-2 minutes. This has to be manually enabled by LivePerson.

[Conversational Cloud] Accessibility - A11Y Project

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.14)

LivePerson is working on making brand-facing products accessible according to WCAG 2.1 AA in 2020. This is an ongoing process that will be complete during Q3 and will affect the login pages, the chat workspace, the enhanced Agent Workspace, and more. Within this version, we added the a11y capabilities to various areas within the platform.

[Enhanced Agent Workspace] Notification mechanism improvement

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.14)

In the enhanced Agent Workspace, we improved the existing notifications mechanism so that the counter of the notification on top of the agent workspace module will count:

  • The number of conversations with at least 1 unread message within it.
  • Indicate new incoming conversations (new rings).

This was achieved in two ways:

  1. We added a new capability to present notifications for filtered out statuses. In case of a new notification for a conversation with filtered out status, the orange notification icon will be shown on the filter icon itself and to the left side of this status inside the filter bubble (Please see the screenshot below). Please note: Users are filtered by default for Overdue and Ongoing conversations. Hence they won't be able to have this type of notifications for these statuses.
  2. We are now showing the notification icon even after a refresh and logout and login from the agent. This will allow the user to better understand the existing notifications and act accordingly. Please note: When refreshing or logging in and out of the Conversational Cloud, the filter configuration is not saved.

Limitations: Due to a bug with backend dependencies, we are not supporting the notifications for “closed conversations” for now, not in the module notification bubble, the filter icon, or in the conversation preview.

[Enhanced Agent Workspace] - Agent Workspace Module Widgets

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.14)

An additional module was added to the Enhanced Agent Workspace. The Module Widget is a standalone component that is maintained outside of the enhanced Agent Workspace. It is adding new capability to the enhanced Agent Workspace and has no effect on existing capabilities.

[Enhanced Agent Workspace] Enhanced Agent Workspace performance fix

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.14)

A new performance fix was added to the enhanced Agent Workspace enabling us to render only relevant components when they change instead of unchanged and irrelevant components.

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.14)

A bug has been discovered within the enhanced Agent Workspace, which caused Non-HTTP (s)/FTP links to be removed when sending, due to the wrong behavior of the parser. This behavior is now fixed and the bug is now closed.