These release notes include new features arriving to LiveEngage during January 2020. Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication.

Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Engagement History widget support

Type: New functionality (NAW 1.9)

The enhanced agent workspace now supports the engagement history widget, which displays all closed conversations belonging to a consumer. Closed conversations will now be displayed both above the transcript area as well as within the widget. This way, users can choose whether to scan closed conversations through the widget or by scrolling up in the transcript area - whichever is more convenient.

One significant difference between the two areas is that the widget shows all closed conversations, including conversations that have been closed after the date of the selected conversation. The transcript area will only display conversations that have been closed prior to the date of the selected conversation.


If a consumer that had conversations that occurred on October 1st, 2nd, 3rd

  • The history displayed at the top of the transcript area:
    • When focusing on the conversation from October 1st: no previous conversations will be displayed
    • When focusing on the conversation from October 2nd: there will be 1 previous conversation - from October 1st
    • When focusing on the conversation from October 3rd: there will be 2 previous conversations - from October 1st and 2nd
  • The engagement history widget will display all 3 closed conversations when focusing on each individual conversation

Enablement: This widget can be enabled or disabled through Night Vision.

Please note: The configuration is the same for chat and messaging. Meaning if the widget is enabled in Night Vision for a blended account it will be visible in both the chat and messaging workspaces, and if disabled, it will be hidden from both.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Reduced number of Predefined Content API calls

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.9)

In order to improve the overall performance of the enhanced agent workspace, we have reduced the number of API calls to the predefined content API by caching the last 5 PDC combinations used by the user (language and skill). Storing the last 5 used items is based on the assumption that the user is most likely to use the same content items during different conversations. Caching these items will also decrease the number of parsing operations being done on the retrieved content data before displaying it to the user.

[Enhanced agent workspace] All Connections table code refactor

Type: Enhancement (NAW 1.9)

The All Connections list code has been refactored and written from the beginning, so it will be more efficient and easier to maintain. In order to improve the All Connections list performance, during the refactor we reduced the number of subscriptions to UMS (by eliminating unnecessary calls).

[Enhanced agent workspace] Do not reset auto close for reader only participants

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

A bug has been discovered for customers working with the old agent workspace:

Whenever an agent or manager clicked on a conversation which they are not participating in through the All Connections table in order to view the transcript (without actively joining the conversation - just reading the content), the Auto Close timer used to reset. The actual and desired behavior for this scenario is to keep the timer as it is whenever a reader participant views it. This bug has been resolved.

Please note: This fix was applied automatically and does not require enablement. Customers who wish to keep the current behavior, and reset the auto close timer whenever the transcript is being read by another user may contact their LivePerson representative.

Note: When this is changed it will affect both the old and enhanced agent workspace behaviors.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Unrelated characters added to agent messages

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

When a user copied a text from excel/notepad and pasted it into the input area, then sent it to the consumer, additional unrelated characters had been added to the agent message and displayed to the agent and consumer. In addition, if agents manually typed special characters in the input area (e.g: &, < , >) and sent it to consumers, the same behavior occurred. This bug has been resolved.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Images with preview greater than 30,000 bytes not sents

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

In some cases, when an agent sent an image to consumers, the image failed to send and an error might have been displayed to the agent, even though the image size is below the maximum size allowed. After further investigation it was discovered that this bug occurs whenever the size of the previewed image on the visitor side exceeded 30,000 bytes. This bug has been resolved.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Agent Widget SDK Engagement source incorrect data

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

For customers working with custom widgets which are connected to the Agent widget SDK, the engagement source data was polled incorrectly. This bug has been exposed on the enhanced agent workspace after we noticed that the engagement source displayed differently in the old workspace vs. the enhanced workspace (there was a discrepancy). The bug has been fixed.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Campaign source displayed as "Mobile App"

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

The campaign source value, which displayed in the consumer info widget and is also exposed through the agent widget SDK in custom widget was previously displaying incorrectly. This bug has been exposed on the enhanced agent workspace after we noticed that the engagement source displayed differently in the old workspace vs. the enhanced workspace (there was a discrepancy). The bug has been fixed.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Shortcuts not working for chat and old agent workspace

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

The last release of the enhanced agent workspace contained a code change which caused the following bug: LiveEngage shortcuts were not working for live chat customers, or for messaging customers working with the old agent workspace. This bug has been fixed, and now LiveEngage shortcuts are available to all LiveEngage users: live chat, old workspace, and enhanced workspace users.

[Enhanced agent workspace] All Connections NPS/CSAT values not selected on first click

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

When a user opens the filter in the All Connections list, then drills down to the CSAT/NPS dropdowns and clicks on a value, the value is not selected on the first click. The bug has been resolved.

[Enhanced agent workspace] PDC hotkeys display when title is too long

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

Within the predefined content widget, hotkeys are being cut off in the middle if the content title is too long. This bug has been resolved.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Managers can't open images when previewing from All Connections

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

Managers viewing conversations from the All Connections list couldn’t view an uploaded image sent by the consumer. Instead, the managers were getting an error. The managers must join the conversation in order to view the image. The bug has been fixed, and managers may view images from the All Connections list, without needing to join the conversation.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Agent manager not seeing last message of new conversation

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.9)

Managers viewing conversations from the All Connections list sometimes couldn’t see the last message of the conversation. This bug has been resolved.

Type: Bug fix (NAW 1.8)

Please note: For now, this feature is only supported for messaging, including mobile web messaging. For consumers using mobile app messaging or other channels, hyperlinks are not supported. The hyperlink button will not be displayed for conversations originating from unsupported sources.

Users using the enhanced agent workspace have the ability to share hyperlinks with consumers during a messaging conversation. In order to do so, a hyperlink button has been added above the agent input area, allowing agents to define the link text and URL:

After filling in the data and pressing OK, the agent will be able to share the hyperlink with the consumer, as part of the general message.

Within the agent input area, the hyperlink will appear in blue and underlined, to indicate that it is a hyperlink and the agent will be able to edit it as long as the message was not sent yet.

After sending the message to the consumer, the link will appear underlined as well in the transcript area. The link will be clickable for the agent via the agent workspace:

The consumer experience will be identical, and the hyperlink will be displayed as a clickable text within the conversation window:

Please note: This feature requires enablement. For more information please contact your LivePerson representative.


  • Since consumers may start conversations from web messaging and continue their messaging interaction from the mobile app, brands should be aware of the fact that links will not be displayed for mobile consumers.

Applications dashboard

Type: New functionality (Application dashboard 1.0)

Note: Please note this feature has been delayed.

The Applications management module is a new module that will change the way our customers are exposed to, manage and use applications from LivePerson. The Application dashboard gives brands and partners the ability to manage all LivePerson applications on a self-serve basis, while also exposing them to applications that developers have created by presenting them with information about the application, as an overview of the app and screenshots from the app.

The motivation for enabling administrators to self-serve configure an application is obvious, we would like our customers to be able to manage their applications easily and in a self-service way. By using the dashboard, an admin can enable or disable the app, decide which profiles can use this app, change its name and icon, and decide if the app should be launched from the Quick launch menu or not.

The Application dashboard includes two main tabs:

  • Global applications: All of the installed and preinstalled applications from LivePerson (or from 3rd party companies in the future) which are exposed to all brands.
  • Private applications: Applications that were created by the brand and are available only to the brand.

Each application, Global or Private, will include 2-3 internal tabs named General, Information, and Configuration (if available):

  • General: This tab is for the admin to configure the app’s name, icon, profiles and more.
  • Information: This tab is where the admin can read the overview of the application and see screenshots and videos.
  • Configuration: This tab is an iframe provided by the app owners and allowing the admin to configure the application in order for it to work.

General tab:

Information tab:

Limitations The new module is available for admins and can be turned on for campaign managers by toggling on the Manage applications permission in the user profile:

Multiple selections in structured content

Type: Enhancement (Web experiences 10.0)

A new “multiple select checkbox” is now supported for structured content in the engagement window. This new structure content enables human or automated agents to share a list of items while allowing the consumer to select multiple items and reply back with the selection. The options are presented as a vertical list of checkboxes. The consumer has the ability to select as many options as they wish. Once done, the consumer presses on the submit button to submit their selections.

The consumer selection will be displayed as plain text, with a comma separator between each selection both in the engagement window and the agent workspace.

In order to prevent the consumer from re-using the checkbox and re-submitting his selection, the Multiple select checkbox will be removed from the transcript and only its header will be displayed (similar to the Quick Replies template).

The “Multiple select checkbox” template includes the following elements:

  • Header - Simple plain text message and emojis.
  • Body - Checkbox items as simple plain text and emojis. Each checkbox item will include the checkbox text and a tooltip.
  • Submit Button - The submit button will trigger a ‘publish text’ action and metadata once clicked that sends the user’s selections to the agent.
  • Optional action button - Provide the consumer with alternatives to the checkbox list. Once clicked, it triggers a ‘publish text’ action and metadata, and the checkbox list selection will be ignored.

The maximum number of items in the checkbox list is 256. The maximum number of characters for the header and checkbox items is 5000. A submit button is required. One additional non-submit button can be added as an option.

Bot experience: The consumer selection will be published as part of the conversation metadata. Using the Messaging Agent SDK, the bot can receive the conversation metadata and analyze the consumer selections.

Current limitations:

  • This feature is not available for the enhanced agent workspace
  • It is supported for web messaging only


Please note: This feature requires enablement. For more information, please contact your LivePerson representative.

Disconnections cause web messaging window to lose prompt when closing

Type: Bug fix (Web experiences 10.0)

When a consumer ends a conversation, the engagement prompts a confirmation message to ensure the consumer really wishes to close out the conversation. However, if the consumer’s connection is disconnected long enough and reconnects again, and the consumer ends the conversation, the engagement window fails to prompt the confirmation message and closes out the conversation. A fix and resolution has been applied to prevent this bug going forward. The confirmation message will now prompt the consumer when the consumer wishes to end the conversation.

Inconsistency in file sharing caption between agent and consumer

Type: Bug fix (Web experiences 10.0)

In web messaging, when an agent is sharing a supported file with a consumer that has a caption that contains the text “? «>”, the agent workspace transcript displays with the caption as “?” and removes all cross scripting characters while the consumer sees the original caption the agent shares. This issue has been resolved and the caption is now the same both in the agent workspace and engagement window.

Minimize button not accessible when keyboard selected using Safari on iPhone

Type: Bug fix (Web experiences 10.0)

When a consumer using Safari on an iPhone has the keyboard selected they are unable to access the top menu of the engagement window even when scrolling all the way up. This bug has been resolved.

[Email Transcript] Conversation started at timestamp is not reflective of the consumer’s timezone

Type: Bug fix (Web experiences 10.0)

When the consumer requests an email transcript of the conversation within the engagement window, the “Conversation started at” timestamp in the email is not reflective of the consumer’s timezone. It always defaults to Eastern time zone. The “Conversation started at” now shows the date and time zone the consumer is in.