These release notes include new features arriving to LiveEngage during November 2019. Exact delivery dates may vary, and brands may therefore not have immediate access to all features on the date of publication.

Please contact your LivePerson account team for the exact dates on which you will have access to the features.

The timing and scope of these features or functionalities remain at the sole discretion of LivePerson and are subject to change.

Proactive Messaging (early access)

Type: New functionality

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Proactive Messaging is an early access product

With LivePerson’s Proactive Messaging, brands can now send consumers outbound messages on channels like SMS & WhatsApp to initiate high value marketing and customer care conversations. Instead of relying on low conversion emails, or one-way messages that drive consumers to web pages or phone calls, Proactive Messaging allows consumers to respond to marketing campaigns and customer care alerts within the same conversation. This results in higher conversion rates, fewer calls and operational costs, and rich messaging experiences that increase consumer satisfaction.

Benefits of using Proactive

Create conversations, not spam (Marketing)

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer messaging conversations to phone or email, and consumers that engage in messaging conversations are 3x more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Our two-way Proactive Messaging platform makes it easy to engage consumers with targeted campaigns, then respond to questions and sales inquiries in the same convenient conversation.

Deliver better care at lower costs (Customer Care)

Don’t make your consumers call and wait on hold to get support or information. Use Proactive Messaging to start conversations on topics like account updates or service outages to reduce inbound call and email volume and increase consumer satisfaction.

One platform for every channel and conversation Single Platform)

LiveEngage is the industry’s leading conversation management platform. It offers a single place to manage inbound and outbound messages from every channel, and layers in powerful chatbots for better consumer experiences and lower operational costs. LiveEngage connects to back-end systems like CRMs, so that brands can easily manage marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs for proactive campaigns while getting a complete view of the entire consumer journey.

Proactive messaging capabilities

  • Create targeted outbound campaigns and route consumer responses into the LivePerson agent workspace, where conversations can be handled by humans, automation (using our built-in Conversation Builder) or a tango of both.
  • When a brand’s agent or a bot receives a response from a consumer for a proactive message, they also receive the context of what the consumer is responding to.
  • Ability to personalize an outbound message per recipient
  • Ability to create WhatsApp message templates that can be used for Proactive outbound campaign and submit to Facebook for approval in a self-service manner
  • Data and reporting on conversations and operational statistics are available as part of LivePerson’s advanced reporting platform.
  • Measure the consumer’s satisfaction with the proactive conversations which will provide them a direct signal about the effectiveness of the brand’s proactive strategy.

Getting started

  • To get started, you need a LiveEngage account.
  • If you are already a LiveEngage user, you will need to follow our onboarding process.
  • The onboarding process consists of getting started with SMS (see link) or WhatsApp (see link).
  • Contact your LivePerson account team by accessing this form to get your account configured.
  • Once onboarded, navigate to Proactive Messaging app from the Quick Launch within LiveEngage.
  • This will open Proactive Messaging in a new tab, from there you can start creating proactive campaigns by clicking on ‘New campaign’ option.


For more information, please see the user guide.

Report Builder upgrade

Type: New functionality

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Report Builder infrastructure has been upgraded to the latest Micro Strategy (MSTR) version in order to benefit from the performance, scalability and enhanced secure platform.

With the new infrastructure upgrade, there are some changes in terminology which are relevant mostly for users who have edit access:

  • Dashboard ⇒ Dossier
  • Sheet ⇒ Chapter
  • Panel ⇒ Page

Enhancements include:

Accessing the Report Builder

The report builder can be accessed through the quick launch menu which is located on the bottom left of the navigation panel.

New look and feel with a modern and bright color scheme

All Predefined dossiers have been enriched to include new data visualizations with a bright color-theme ( see screenshot below).

Dossier navigation has been moved from the bottom of the dashboard to the top as well as having headings for each panel inside the sheet for effective navigation.

KPI widget

New KPI Widget which will provide a quick visual snapshot of the current value of a KPI and how that KPI has changed over time.

  1. Previous date value data
  2. Trend Indicator ( X%) - shows the trend between Previous date and current. The color will be green to reflect an improvement in KPI and red for a negative change.
  3. Trend Graph- shows the trend for the filtered date range.
  4. Tooltips when hovering over the trend graph to see the date and value

View only users experience

Clear presentation for users with ‘view only’ permission, the filter panel has moved from left to the right to allow the data to be in the main focus area.

Additional data visualizations

New visualization types for creating custom dossiers (histogram, waterfall chart, box plot)

New functionality includes:

Exporting to PDF

Export dossiers to a formatted PDF file, including visualizations and advanced formatting options:

  1. layout ( Automatic, Portrait, Landscape)
  2. Advanced mode to export the visualizations individually on separate pages to include all data.

Personalized view

Users can now save their own custom personal view of the dashboard. A personal view is a lightweight copy of a dashboard, and includes every change that was made to the dashboard including filtering the report period time frame and offset selector. It can be used to save time when choosing data to analyze and it allows you to define different views on the same dashboard without having to re select the filters on the dashboard.

  • To create and save a personal view: go to the file menu, select ‘Create Personal View’ and change the name to a meaningful name.
  • To run a personal view, after launching the Report Builder , select ‘My Subscriptions’ where you will see all your personal view subscriptions

In the Personal View Subscriptions area, click the name of the personal view to run it or edit it.

For example, you can create a view on the Agent Activity Dashboard for the last 30 days filtered for internal employees only and another view of the offshore team for the last 120 days.

These changes will only impact the predefined dashboards. User copies of previous predefined dashboards will not be impacted automatically.

How to update the exisiting custom dashboard to the new look & feel

If there is a need to update existing user copies of the dashboard to the new color palette, this can be done manually in the Report Builder:

After opening the required dossier, go to ‘Format’ Menu and choose ‘Custom Pallets’ -> LivePerson Palette and then save the changes.

[LINE] Agent to consumer photo sharing support

Type: New functionality

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No No No No No Yes No No No No No No

This feature enables agents to share photos with consumers in LINE conversations. The image files will be shared from the local file dialog.

The following file types are supported:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG

All files types have a file size limitation of 5MB. Agents will get an error if the file is not within this supported list. The file sharing flow, functionality, capabilities and limitations, remain similar to definitions described here.

Image 1: Agent shares images with consumer

Image 2: Consumer sees the file agent shares

[Unauthenticated Engagement Attributes] Change default to True

Type: Enhancement

Whenever an unauthenticated engagement attribute is being reported per consumer, LiveEngage has the ability to hide or display the attribute in the agent workspace.

The decision whether to hide or display the attribute is determined per site, according to a dedicated site setting. Previously, the site setting default was set to false, meaning that unauthenticated engagement attributes were hidden from agents, unless this has been changed manually per site.

We’ve changed the site setting to be true by default, meaning that there is no need to perform any additional action for agents to be able to view unauthenticated attributes which have been reported on a consumer.

Please note: Customers who wish to hide the unauthenticated engagement attribute data from agents in the agent workspace will still be able to do that by contacting their LivePerson representative.


  • This change is only applicable for customers who haven't changed the site setting value manually in the past. For these customers, the value will remain as it is.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Keyboard navigation in agent textbox

Type: Enhancement

In the agent textbox agents now have the option to navigate up and down within the input field using their keyboard only. This means if the agent wrote more than one line of text, they will be able to press the ‘DOWN’ key to go to the second/third/fourth lines, or use the “UP” key to go to the lines above.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Display CSAT in the consumer info widget

Type: Bug fix

Previously in the enhanced agent workspace, the CSAT value for previous conversations was displayed above the transcript area, in the previous conversations section only. However, the CSAT value was not being displayed in the consumer info widget as well. This has been fixed - the CSAT value is now displayed in the consumer info widget as well as above the transcript.

[Enhanced agent workspace] Scroll option missing in structured content preview

Type: Bug fix

Previously in the enhanced agent workspace, when an agent sent a long structured content message the preview window displayed without a scrolling option on small screens (14-inch laptop screens). Agents could not scroll up or down to check the content before sending it to consumers. This bug has been fixed and a scrolling option is now available in the preview window for all screen sizes.


Image 1: No scroll option in structured content preview window

Image 2: After fix

[Agent widget SDK] ‘Claims’ key is not populated with data

Type: Bug fix

The Agent Widget SDK holds the following key: claimsAndAuthType

The claims key should be populated with data on the consumer side, but in several use cases the key was not populated and remained empty in the enhanced agent workspace. This bug is now fixed and the key is populated with the correct data.

[Post Conversation Survey] Color and button display improvements

Type: Bug fix

Previously in the Bot Studio when a user edited the text or colors in a Post Conversation Survey it affected the display in the agent workspace as well as the engagement window. It has been discovered that some of the colors were not generating properly in the agent workspace as well as in the consumer window.

For example:

  1. When using a color fill for the headline in a text, on display for the user/agent only the SPAN adopts the color and not the whole div (full box area).

  1. Button outlines are not showing at all, buttons are showing as one full box without outlines to distinguish one button from another.

  1. Text going down a line and breaking words.

All of the above issues have been fixed and display as expected now in both the agent workspace and engagement window.