Millions of brands are already using Google My Business to engage with consumers. By offering click to message, brands enable consumers to connect with them using their native SMS app, meaning they can tap into the wide pool of consumers who prefer to use messaging.

Why use Google My Business to connect with your consumers?

  • Free and easy to set up — With Google My Business there’s no need purchase numbers from external SMS gateways. Google provides a free virtual number and LiveEngage provides the platform.
  • Access to millions of consumers — Internet users search Google 3.5 billion times per day. Harness the power of your Google presence and put messaging at the fingertips of online consumers.
  • Proactive notifications — Brands can initiate conversations with consumers by sending proactive push notifications.
  • Greater consumer accessibility — Brands can capitalize on their existing Google My Business presence, without needing to purchase or add any additional resources.
  • Quick onboarding process — Onboarding can be accomplished rapidly as no tagging or coding is required. LivePerson connects Google My Business messages directly to your operations, routing each customer to the best agent available.
  • Simple to use — Because consumers already have SMS on their mobiles, no new customer interface or download is needed. With the Google virtual phone, consumers will contact you via the existing SMS application on their mobile.

How conversations start

The Google My Business connector enables consumers to message your brand via SMS, directly from a mobile Google My Business brand listing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Brand adds a “Message Us” button to their Google My Business listing, using Google virtual numbers provided directly by Google’s gateway.
  2. Consumer searches for the business on Google and taps the button.
  3. All Google My Business messages are subsequently be routed into the LiveEngage platform, allowing the brand’s agents to respond directly from the agent workspace.
  4. The consumer’s native SMS app opens and the consumer can actively begin messaging with brand.

  • Due to a Google limitation, the Google My Business connector is only available to accounts in the US & Canada.
  • The character limit for messages sent by consumers on the Google My Business channel is 5000.


How to set up the connector:

  1. Identify the Google My Business ID number you would like to connect to LivePerson (it’s possible to connect multiple IDs to your LiveEngage account). If you can't find your ID please contact your Google representative
  2. Once you obtained your Google Business ID, contact your LivePerson account team so they can activate the ID on your LiveEngage account.
  3. Start managing messages on LiveEngage from your Google My Business accounts.

How to onboard the connector:

  1. In order to enable click to message on your Google My Business ID, contact your LivePerson representative - they will ensure it is activated for you.
  2. Once activated, on the Campaigns page on LiveEngage, click on Data Sources in the Campaigns footnote.
  3. From the Conversation Sources tab, click Connect in the Google My Business box.
  4. Enable the Activate Google My Business Source toggle.
  5. Enter the relevant Google My Business ID to subscribe the account to.
  6. Once selected, click Done.