The LivePerson Conversational Cloud is the evolution of LiveEngage. It’s an AI-powered conversational platform that transforms brands into intent-driven conversational enterprises. Our Conversational AI was built by an expert team of engineers and data scientists, using extensive research and testing together with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. This AI is the heart of the Conversational Cloud — and it’s already transforming sales and customer care for some of the world’s most innovative brands.

The Conversational Cloud makes it possible to understand consumer intents in real-time to inform critical business decisions and automate consumer interactions at scale on all the popular messaging channels. The Conversational Cloud powers the orchestration of human agents, bots, and systems through a specialized set of AI-powered services and tools. Brands can use this platform to discover and understand consumer intents, design and scale personalized automations to fulfill those intents, and measure and optimize the effectiveness of conversations.

Why brands use the Conversational Cloud

Detect consumer intents in real time. With the Conversational Cloud, brands can discover, build, and optimize intents. The platform enables brands to understand consumer intents in real time, route consumers to the right agent (human or bot) using contextual information about the consumer, manage agent workloads, queue consumers, and uncover trending intents.

Easy and intuitive bot-building. The Conversational Cloud empowers anyone to build automated conversation flows with a simple point-and-click interface. Once built, conversations can run on every messaging channel connected to the platform. With the Conversational Cloud, human staff can manage bots, respond to conversations as needed, and tune bots for better results.

Built for the builders. LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud provides out-of-the-box templates that allow brands to immediately begin leveraging intents and building bots using AI. The Conversational Cloud is an open platform that can be integrated with third-party services through a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs. LivePerson Functions makes this process even easier by offering serverless customization and integration with the ability to create custom automated workflows.

Available anywhere, any time. The Conversational Cloud can be accessed whenever and wherever, making it ideal for a remote or distributed workforce. Newly launched and updated iOS and Android mobile apps allow agents to work from anywhere, enabling them to provide services without the need to be tethered to their desktops.

How the Conversational Cloud Works

The Conversational Cloud is both channel-agnostic and AI-powered, with all its AI components working together to help brands become conversational. The platform’s components consist of:

  • Intent Manager
  • Conversation Builder
  • Conversation Manager
  • Conversation Orchestrator
  • Conversation Analytics

Discover & understand what consumers want with Intent Manager

The Intent Manager accurately understands what consumers want. It empowers brands to build an intent taxonomy, analyze the most popular consumer intents, optimize how well they are being fulfilled, and discover intents that can or should be automated. The Intent Manager is made up of the Intent Builder and the Intent Analyzer.

Intent Manager’s proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) engine extracts consumer intentions at every turn of the conversation. Intent Manager comes pre-configured for a variety of industries, to automatically understand a high percentage of consumer intents entirely out-of-the-box. It offers flexibility for data scientists, content creators, and non-technical employees to fine-tune or configure custom intents from a simple interface.

Intent Manager starter packs are available to accelerate the development of Intent Taxonomy with both vertical-specific and universal starter intents to enable our customers to quickly get started with an intent-driven business. Intent starter packs are available for telco, banking, insurance, and airline industries. We also offer a cross-vertical starter pack that can be used for any industry.

Real-time intent data empowers brands to make important business policy, process, and product related decisions, and to automate a high percentage of consumer interactions when used in conjunction with LivePerson’s Conversation Builder.

Design & scale automations with Conversation Builder

The Conversation Builder allows brands to build bots that connect to consumer messaging channels and backend business systems, like CRM, billing, product inventory, and others. Conversation Builder provides brands with an easy-to-use bot builder that also enables non-technical staff – often the people who best understand a brand’s voice – to be able to create, optimize, and visualize bots.

The Conversation Builder Dialog Editor has a scalable user interface that lets you effortlessly manage a large number of dialogs as well as a self-guided interface that lets you easily create rules, without the need for coding. The Conversation Builder can search the Knowledge Base as a fallback to provide an article that may be helpful to the user.

Design & scale your operations with Conversation Manager

In the Conversation Manager, agents can manage conversations from any channel in one centralized workspace. It features a Manager Workspace where agent managers can oversee human and agent bots. Chatbots work with human experts here, where human agents can supervise those automations. Brands can then scale by leveraging human agents to supervise automations and chatbot interactions that can hold multiple conversations at once and fulfill consumer needs at scale.

Brands are also able to get quick, consistent answers to consumers by offering automations to agents with Agent Assist. Agent Assist suggests the next best action (Bots or Knowledge Base articles) to agents in real time, based on consumer intents. It connects relevant Knowledge Base articles to the consumer intent, and provides FAQ responses to commonly asked questions for both agent and consumer - making agents more effective and efficient

Design & scale consumer journeys with Conversation Orchestrator

The Conversational Cloud analyzes every turn of a conversation, using intent together with brand and consumer-specific data to determine the best next action.

The Dynamic Routing feature allows brands to create personalized policies that automatically transfer conversations to automations built in the Conversation Builder or route consumers to the most efficient human agent.

Adding the Conversation Context Service gives brands the ability to store data points, such as conversational context, that can then be shared between bots and leveraged in the powerful dynamic routing policies.

Functions allow brands to connect to external systems using APIs and pull in data that can then be used by bots or stored in the Context Warehouse for better routing policies.

Measure & improve with Conversation Analytics

Uncovering actionable improvements using conversation data is key to driving business decisions for our customers. LivePerson has a number of different data and reporting tools to drive insightful outcomes.

  1. The Analytics Builder offers brands ready-made dashboards reflecting a wealth of data drawn from the brands Conversational Cloud account. These dashboards allow brands to monitor and optimize contact center operations, increase conversions through campaigns and enact data-driven decisions.

  2. Bot Analytics enables users to visualize and tune the performance of their bot with usage and intent matching metrics. It gives an in depth analysis of the bots performance including conversion rates and number of interactions.

  3. Intent Analyzer (see above), part of Intent Manager, displays real-time intent analytics, including top intents, intent volume, sentiment, CSAT, and historical trends. It has searchable filters and the ability to drill down into each conversation.

  4. LivePerson Insights is a powerful text analytics tool that allows you to join the structured data and the text in your conversation transcripts to identify correlations between what is being said and done in the conversations and your KPIs. Conversations from the prior day are copied overnight from the LivePerson database, transformed and stored in the Insights database, and ready for reporting the next day. The Interactive Dashboard allows for drilling down by topic, agent response or KPI.

Connect to consumers on their preferred messaging channels

The Conversational Cloud enables agents and bots to handle inquiries via the most popular messaging channels, giving consumers an easy way to ask questions and make purchases from any device, on their own schedule, and using natural language. Brands can reach consumers across a wide array of consumer touch points, including mobile apps, SMS, web, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and more - see a full list here.