Our commitment

LivePerson is committed to the highest standards of quality and availability, including the Report Builder. Accordingly, LivePerson technical teams run periodic performance tests and thorough and professional quality assurance processes to minimize the chance of defects impacting the builder. Every predefined dashboard is carefully designed and constructed to run with high response times and at its maximum efficiency. This to ensure the user can derive data driven decisions without delays.

In order to maintain service availability to all platform users, LivePerson may apply system protection measures that limit the resources a custom dashboard consumes. This includes enforcing size and run-time limitations built into the platform. The system will alert you when a threshold has been reached. We strongly advise you to follow the recommendations detailed in this document.

Freshness of data

As an offline business intelligence decision support tool, the Report Builder is updated periodically with recent activity that took place on your LiveEngage account. The data refresh process takes place three times a day. The first update runs every morning before 8 AM in the account timezone (according to the data center in which the account is stored), and includes data accumulated up to midnight the same day. For example, on Wednesday at 8 AM, Report Builder will show data updated to the Tuesday at 11:59 PM. The following updates run every 8 hours and these updates include data accumulated from up to 6 hours before the start time of this process.

Certain metrics available in Report Builder may update retroactively. These metrics are either part of the “Funnel” (available in the Business Activity and Operational & Staffing predefined dashboards), or specific to Messaging (available in the Messaging Performance predefined dashboard). These metrics are updated for full visit sessions to the website, or closed messaging conversations. The description of such metrics include an explicit indication respectively. For more information, please see metric glossary.

Your commitment

Customizing dashboards through the feature rich builder, requires a certain skill set and needed knowledge. To best equip our users with the necessary knowledge, LivePerson has put forward a knowledge pack that is required of any user who wishes to gain edit access. For more information about the required certification process, please reach out to your LivePerson Account Team.

It is important to note that LivePerson Support does not troubleshoot custom dashboards created by users; only dashboards stored within the Predefined Dashboards folder are maintained and supported by LivePerson Technical Support.

Handling of 3rd party defects

The builder is based on a 3rd party tool by Microstrategy, named Microstrategy Desktop - Web Client. LivePerson is entitled to and will escalate newly discovered defects with the tool to Microstrategy. LivePerson does not commit to resolution of defects found within the Microstrategy platform, however, is committed to deploying fixes made available by Microstrategy to improve the stability and availability of the builder for LivePerson’s customers.

To ensure your browser and export software are supported for using the builder, review the Microstrategy Desktop - Web Client system requirements website.

Your feedback is welcome

Please contact us at rbfeedback-lp@liveperson.com with any product-related feedback from your experience with Report Builder. We are looking forward to continuously enhancing the range of analyses you will be able to perform with the builder.

Thank you for your partnership! Hope you find the builder valuable to your business.