The Analytics Builder infrastructure has been upgraded to the latest MicroStrategy (MSTR) version in order to benefit from the performance, scalability and enhanced secure platform.

What’s new

New look and feel

All predefined dossiers have been enriched to include new data visualizations with a bright & modern color scheme.


With the new Infrastructure upgrade there are some changes in terminology which are relevant mostly for users who have edit access:

  • Dashboard ⇒ Dossier

  • Sheet ⇒ Chapter

  • Panel ⇒ Page


The Analytics Builder can be accessed through the quick launch menu which is located on the bottom left of the navigation panel.

Dossier navigation has been moved from the bottom of the dashboard to the top. There are also new headings for each panel inside the sheet for effective use.

New KPI widget

The new KPI widget provides a quick visual snapshot of the current value of a KPI and how that KPI has changed over time.

The widget displays:

  • The previous date value data

  • Trend Indicator ( X%) which shows the trend between the previous date and the current date. The color will be green to reflect an improvement in the KPI and red to reflect a negative change.

  • Trend Graph which shows the trend for the filtered date range.

  • Tooltips when hovering over the trend graph to see the date and value.

View only users experience

Clear presentation for users with ‘view only’ permission, the filter panel has moved from left to the right to allow the data to be in the main focus area.

Additional data visualizations

New visualization types for creating custom dossiers (histogram, waterfall chart, box plot)

New functionality

Exporting to PDF

Users are able to export dossiers to a formatted PDF file, including visualizations and advanced formatting options such as: layout ( Automatic, Portalit, Landscape) Advanced mode to export the visualizations individually on separate pages to include all data.

Export pdf is limited to 100 pages only

Personalized view

Users can now save their own customized personal view of the dossier. A personal view is a lightweight copy of a dossier and includes every change that was made to the dossier including filtering the report period time frame and the offset selector. This updates will save time when choosing data to analyze and it allows you to define different views on the same dashboard without having to re select the filters on the dossier. To create and save a personal view go to the file menu, select ‘Create Personal View’ and change the name to a meaningful name. To run a personal view, after launching the Analytics Builder , select ‘My Subscriptions’ where you will see all your personal view subscriptions In the personal view subscriptions area, click the name of the personal view to run or edit it. For example, you can create a view on the Agent Activity Dashboard for the last 30 days filtered for internal employees only and another view of the offshore team for the last 120 days.

These changes will only impact the predefined dossiers. User copies of previous predefined dossiers will not be impacted automatically. If there is a need to update existing user copies of the dashboard to the new color palette, this can be done manually in the Analytics Builder. After opening the required dossier, go to ‘Format’ Menu and choose ‘Custom Pallets’ -> LivePerson Palette and then save the changes.