Intent Manager introduces a wide set of new self-service features and functionality that greatly improve the value and utility of the application making it easier than ever for brands to fully manage their Intents on the LivePerson Platform.

Getting Started

There are a number of ways to get started and all the steps will be detailed below:

  1. Use pre built domains
  2. Starter Packs
  3. Import existing intents

Using Pre built domains

To get you quickly up and running with intents, LivePerson now provides a set of prebuilt domains that can easily be added to the Intent Builder environment. A “prebuilt domain” is a ready-made, pretrained domain that includes a set of well-defined intents. No prior conversations are needed to get started (unlike the starter pack).

There are two kinds of prebuilt domains:

  1. Generic, prebuilt domains for a number of verticals: Telecommunications, Financial Services, Airlines and Insurance.
  2. A cross-vertical, prebuilt domain that is appropriate for all verticals. This includes intents for things like customer account management, customer order management, e-commerce, billing and payment. Once you add a prebuilt domain, you can customize it as you see fit. After customization, you’ll need to retrain the domain as you normally do.

For more information, click here

Starter Pack Quick Start

If you do not already have intents created in Intent Builder, and if you would like to get up to speed quickly, LivePerson's Intent Analyzer (part of Intent Manager) offers starter packs filled with common intents for various different business verticals. These starter packs leverage your historical transcript data to automatically create a model for your brand.

Starter packs use a highly tuned Machine Learning model to extract brand specific messages from your historical data that can be used as seed training phrases for your custom ML model. Starter packs must be run and implemented by LuvePerson staff. To get started with starter packs, please contact your LivePerson account team.


LivePerson's Intent Analyzer (part of Intent Manager) inherits its permission structure from Conversation Builder, as the primary admin/ configuration work is related to setting up intents and training models in Intent Builder. Therefore, LivePerson's Intent Analyzer also requires Conversation Builder permissions to be turned ON in Administrator Profile, if not already done so.

Access to LivePerson's Intent Analyzer dashboard is currently granted to the following roles:

  • LPA

Managing user access

In order for a user to access Intent Analyzer, they must be assigned a profile that has at least one of the following permissions:

  • Conversation Builder: Administrator OR
  • Conversation Builder: Content User OR
  • Conversation Builder: Business User OR
  • Conversation Builder: Bot Builder For more information on permissions, click here

Once you're set up - optimize your intent taxonomy using the Intent Discovery and Optimization tools. Click here for more information.