Here are tutorials videos to help you get started with our Conversation Builder. These videos cover the basic concepts and usage of the Conversation Builder, allowing you to get started with building great bots in a few minutes! These topics are also covered in more depth in the the Developer Center

Dialogs and Patterns

Learn how to get started with some very basic bots. This tutorial explores the concept of dialogs (the different conversation flows a bot can have) and patterns, which allow the bot to match user input and respond intelligently!

Intents and Entities

In this video, we dive deeper into user input matching and look at the more advanced concepts of intents and entities. Intents allow you to use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to enable your bot to more accurately match user input, while entities help with storing variable-like parameters for quick and easy data access!

Advanced Interactions

This video covers more complex bot interactions, allowing you to present the user with multiple choice questions, messages with rich content, and more!


In this tutorial video, we explore integrations, which allow a bot to query external APIs, bringing powerful new options to conversations. Use integrations to programmatically access catalogs, databases, and other web services to super power your bot responses!

Deploy a bot

In this tutorial video, we will finally deploy our Getting Started bot to a live demonstration page. We will create a ‘bot agent and skill, set up our web messaging engagement window, and connect our bot to our agent.

Escalate to agent

In this video, we will demonstrate how to efficiently hand off to a human agent as needed. Despite everything that we can do for our users with automations, there are always going to be tasks that are best handled by a human on the other end of a messaging interaction.


When working with natural language from our users, it is sometimes necessary to dive further into their statement to understand what their true intent is. In addition, humans have a tendency to communicate in ways which might include multiple intents in the same statement. In both of these cases, we can use disambiguation to clarify our user intents and ensure that their needs are being addressed appropriately. Watch the tutorial to learn more.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is a great tool to answer questions about a variety of topics specific to your bot's area of expertise. In this tutorial you will learn how the Knowledge Base application in the Conversation Builder platform lets you create and manage knowledge bases and articles, which are then processed by an NLU engine. This allows the bot to leverage intents and entities to recommend the most accurate articles to an inquiring consumer.

Meta Intent (SmallTalk)

A Meta Intent is a wrapper for a grouping of related intents. Using Meta Intents, we can funnel a variety of intents into a single dialog for processing. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

Auto Escalation

A Conversational Design best practice is to ensure that every automation includes a way to automatically escalate when a user gets stuck. Conversation Builder provides a special dialog type which takes care of all of this for you without having to write any code. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

Complex conditions

Learn about the Conversation Builder condition editor which provides you with a code-free way of looking at multiple factors in determining what information to display to users.

Bot groups and collaboration

Learn about the new design pattern developed by LivePerson which deviates from the standard single bot approach and breaks up your automation’s functionality between several bots in a group.