Real-time list of agents

Agent managers have tools at their disposal to monitor agents and ongoing conversations in real time. Managers that are defined in this role (during their user set up), are able to see the messaging agents list.

The Messaging Agents List gives agent managers full visibility over the performance of their agents in real time, enabling them to effectively manage each shift and identify issues as they happen. Agents with permission to access this list are also able to keep track of their status, capacity and load, as well as those of other agents, helping them to optimize the way they work together as a team.

The list is available in the Visitors tab alongside the All Agents List, and displays the status and metrics of every logged in messaging agent with at least one open conversation or configured with a maximum open conversation of one or more. The data bar provides an overview of the status and performance of all messaging agents, with data being refreshed every minute.

The columns provide the following detailed information:

  • Agent Status - online/away/back soon
  • State duration - indicates the time elapsed since the agent set their current state
  • % Online - The % of time the agent has spent in the online state out of their total logged in time over the last 12 hours
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Group - the group the agent is assigned to
  • Skills - the skill(s) assigned to the agent
  • Number of open conversations - the number of open conversations being handled by the agent
  • Number of active conversations - includes the number of conversations the agent owns that are at full intensity, as a subset of all open conversations
  • Maximum number of open conversations - the configured maximum number of high intensity conversations
  • Load - the total weight of the assigned conversations divided by the agent’s maximum number of messaging conversations (which can be configured on the user page)

    note: The weight of each conversation is determined using the Dynamic Capacity capability. For more information, refer to our Dynamic Capacity documentation.

  • Closed - number of conversations owned by the agent that were resolved in the last 12 hours (closed automatically, or by the agent or consumer)

The columns can be filtered by a number of parameters, including status, agent group, agent name and skill, and sorted by agent name, status, maximum number of open conversations, number of open conversations and load.