Migrating plan

LivePerson has launched the enhanced Agent Workspace for messaging. We will be retiring the old workspace, after which the link to revert back to the old workspace will no longer be available.

Many customers have already moved to the new workspace and are benefiting from its enhancements and new functionalities. We’ve updated the new workspace to the WCAG accessibility standards and this workspace simplifies agent operations and dramatically increases efficiency.

FAQs about migrating customers to the enhanced Agent Workspace

Q: Does the enhanced Agent Workspace have all the same features as the old workspace?

A: Yes. The enhanced agent workspace will include all features that are supported in the old workspace along with new functionalities.

Q: What are the benefits of the enhanced workspace?

A: The enhanced workspace simplifies agent operations to dramatically increase agent focus and efficiency. It’s designed to handle multiple channels of conversation at scale asynchronously, taking into account all of the features that were developed especially for messaging. Specifically, the workspace has a new look and feel, a dynamic conversation list with built-in automation sorts conversations by the response time. It shows a full history of the conversation within the same window, enhanced customization of options and more. The enhanced agent workspace is also WCAG 2.1 AA certified. Click herefor more details.

Q: Are chat users affected by this change?

A: If you are using only chat, you will not be impacted.

Q: What if I am using messaging and chat in the same operation?

A: This update applies only to messaging customers. If you are using messaging and chat; you will receive both types of conversations in two separate workspaces: 1) Agent workspace for chat, for all chat conversations; and 2) the enhanced Agent Workspace for messaging, for all messaging conversations. You will easily be able to navigate between the two workspaces and the icons on the side bar will display notifications for incoming messages per workspace. Check out the new experience.

Q: What will happen after the migration on July 18th, 2021?

A: Upon login, all your users will automatically see the enhanced Agent Workspace for messaging and will be able to use all its tools and functionalities. All conversations and configurations made on your old workspace will be transferred automatically to the enhanced workspace with no interruptions.

Q: The July 18th deadline does not work for our Brand, is there a possibility for an extension?

A: If you would like an extension, please contact LivePerson Support or your Account Manager.

Q: What recent improvements have been made to the enhanced workspace?

A: The look and feel comes in two colors: dark and light, and each user can select their preference New features were introduced, including:

  • Personalization options for predefined content widget display
  • De-select conversation
  • Display summary notes for previous conversations
  • Agent survey in enhanced agent workspace
  • Hyperlinks
  • Transfer to skill: Number of online agents indication
  • WCAG 2.1 AA certified

Q: I understand that IE11 will not be supported in the enhanced agent workspace due to its impending EOL, which browsers are supported?

A: Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome (recomended browser)
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

For more information on the Enhanced Agent Workspace, click here