Real-time agent data bar

As you go about your shift, your own agent data bar will display on the top of your workspace and will update immediately. This will help you keep track of your performance as well as expected workload.

The data bar in the Agent Workspace represents the real-time tracking of your current workload and shift.

OPEN: number of current open conversations

PENDING: number of conversations pending agent response

OVERDUE: number of conversations that exceeded the target response time

SOON TO BE OVERDUE: number of conversations about to exceed the target response time in 5 minutes

ACTIONABLE: number of conversations that are waiting to be assigned to an agent in the queue and have an immediate action (e.g. reply to a waiting customer)

IN QUEUE: overall number of conversations in the queue, including actionable and not actionable. A not actionable conversation is one that is still open but awaiting a consumer reply. Only the actionable conversations are routed to agents

CSAT: displays the customer satisfaction score, based on the post conversation surveys that were completed in the last 12 hours.

Searching for previous conversations

You can always search for any previous conversations you’ve had with consumers through the All Conversations tab.

All Conversations offers advanced filtering and search capabilities enabling you to search by:

  • Keywords from transcripts
  • Duration of conversation
  • Agent
  • Agent group
  • Skill
  • Start time
  • Status (open and closed)
  • Meaningful Conversation Score (MCS)
  • Conversation ID
  • CSAT
  • Summary keywords