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LivePerson’s Quick launch menu provides users with a quick and easy way to launch applications from within the platform using the waffle menu button.



LivePerson’s open platform allows developers to add apps to LivePerson’s platform. For brands to easily launch and use these apps, the developer can add them to the Quick launch menu. The Quick launch menu is a waffle button containing a list of roles and profile-based predefined apps, which expose direct access to LivePerson Application web interfaces from within the UI and other Conversational Cloud Apps in the future.

This makes it possible for brands to:

Easily launch and use Conversational Cloud Apps for the best user experience

Navigation between LivePerson’s applications has never been easier. If a user is already logged in, Conversational Cloud Apps use standard SSO protocol to open in a new tab, preventing the need to log in again, while LivePerson’s platform stays open in its tab.

Allow users to see and launch only the apps that are available to them based on their role and profile

Each user will be exposed only to the relevant Conversational Cloud Apps for them, based on their role and profile. Once the developer decides which role can use a certain application, the Quick launch menu presents the app only for users with the relevant roles and profiles. This means that users within the same brand will see different apps based on their roles.


Below is information for how to enable user permissions for the Quick launch menu:

Roles: With Roles, a developer defines what kind of user roles can potentially use/launch an application. When allowing the app to be exposed over the Quick launch menu, the developer can allow only specific role(s) to access it. Also, the developer can enable the application for all profiles within the selected roles by default.

Profiles: When allowing an application to be exposed over the Quick launch menu, the brand’s admin can allow sub-groups to use the app. With Profiles, the account admin (or any other user with App Provisioning permissions) can define the sub-group of users (only profiles from the above group of roles) who can use the app.

This document contains an overview of LivePerson's Quick launch menu. If you are a developer looking for more in-depth, technical documentation about working with LivePerson’s Quick launch menu, please see our Roles and Profiles Documentation in the Developer Center.

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